You Might Just Be In A Toxic Relationship, Find Out!…

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You might just be in a toxic relationship, find out!…Here are detailed signs and vibes of a toxic relationship.

Ever felt the pressure of a one-sided relationship, the pain of putting in so much but getting so little. The pain of engaging in toxic relationships are usually quite depressing and tiring. In a world where so much is said about Mental healths and taking proper measures to ensure it is always in check, a toxic relationship is one to be definitely avoided and dissociated from if in any, we keenly acknowledge that there are no perfect humans hence no perfect relationships—hence constant effort is usually the distinguishing factor.

However, Identifying toxic relationships can prove difficult since people change and circumstances do also. But,’’ voila!’’ we’d be leaving no stone unturned and no truths are hidden as we discuss this; I swear on my honor LOL!. 

Toxic relationships can be in various level of relationships;

  • Romantic relationships
  • Platonic relationships
  • Family relationships

It exists in a whole lot of ways, but one definite thing is Toxic relationships are not any good

Now that properly established, it is worthy to know what exactly are the signs that point to toxicity in a relationship. There are a tonne of signs that could be very clear only if the right attention is paid to finding out. Some of the signs are;

Lack of trust; This is usually a signal to identifying a relationship that is becoming or that is already toxic. For a relationship in its early stages, this could be considered insignificant or not-so-concerning as trust is not considered to be given but earned.

However, as far as progress goes it is expected to smoothen out. Lack of trust in a relationship can cause real damages from Overthinking to Insecurities and when all of these are becoming quite dominating in a relationship—it gets pretty toxic

Hostile atmosphere; Constant anger and abusive approach are some of the clearest signs of an unhealthy and toxic relationship. It takes the relationship to a place of fear and raises doubts about physical safety in such relationships. Physical and verbal abuse creates a hostile atmosphere in a relationship which makes one unsure of the intentions of the other.

Lack of communication; As far as the signs go, this is the most easily noticed vibe of a toxic relationship. A relationship where communication is one-sided can be really problematic also a situation whereby the communication is forced. A healthy relationship is supposed to have free-flowing communication ‘’if there is no intimacy through communication there should be no intimacy at all’’.

Proper relationships have no issues expressing and communicating their feelings and desires, lack of communication is one of the earliest signs of toxicity in a relationship; usually, it sends the message of lost interest in either partner also results to over-thinking, presumptions, anxiety, doubts, fears, and worries. Also sends the relationship to a state of the afore-mentioned point; Lack of trust, coupled with insecurities as one cannot ascertain the reason for no communication.

Absence of respect; A relationship where there is an absence of mutual respect or a relationship with one-sided input of respect is an unhealthy one. It undermines and gives the feeling of un-worthiness to the party concerned. Lack or absence of basic respect is a huge sign of a toxic relationship

You Might Just Be In A Toxic Relationship, Find Out!…

Unreciprocated efforts; This is the bedrock of toxic relationships toxic relationships are generally one-sided. In a relationship where one party gives all the love, care, support: without any valid reciprocation from the other is a glaring signal of toxic vibes. Toxic relationships are usually in the form of ‘’ALL TAKE, NO GIVE’’ if you find yourself in a relationship with this feature, you are most likely in a toxic relationship.

There are many more signals but these points shared to do a great job in listing the most accurate and concise signs in identifying toxic relationships.

It is worthy to note that not all toxic relationships are caused by toxic people, a couple of times it could be as a result of; Compatibility, individual differences, misplaced priorities, lack of understanding, intolerance, naivety, and no proper enlightenments and past experiences. These and more we would talk about on the next post. Keep refreshing the page, it’d be here soon!! 😀😀

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