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Why You Shouldn’t Mix Business With Pleasure

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With the rapid surge in the globalization and demand for heavy socialization, the work places have been affected to a greater extent. To make work places enjoyable, many tend to socialise with coworkers.
However, business and office is one part of life whereas socialization is another. Mixing them together can bring high discord in one’s daily life. Scooper is here to save you time and tell you five reasons why you shouldn’t date your co-worker.

You Might Get Bored: Initially exciting, however, seeing that person for at least 8 hours of your day plus seeing them after work can become suffocating. It is so easy to get bored and you might find out that discussions between you both don’t go beyond workplace occurrences.

Attract Unnecessary Rift: Dating someone at the office can get you special treatment – unmerited favours and feats not earned from your hard work. These will raise eyebrows and others will start to notice. When one’s colleagues become more and more aware, rumours are sparked and jealousy is bred.


Distract Your Focus: Dating someone at the office can make one counter-productive as possible at one’s workspace. One minute you are hanging out with your office crush next minute it’s difficult for you to be effective or focused. It’s so easy to just be staring at them working while in your mind undressing them. You wouldn’t want your supervisor catching you slacking all because your ruminating about him or her.
No Way Out: We all know it will always not be peachy, there will be times of quarrel, misunderstanding and argument just like in every normal relationship. Unlike normal relationship, one cannot head one’s own way when dating a coworker. There is no way out in this type of relationship. Matters can get even more awkward and messy if you decide to break it off with them. You don’t want or need that type of messy drama in your workplace.
Risky To One’s Employment: Many firms frown to dating in office and engaging in it increases the risk of being shown the door when caught. There are a million fish in the ocean, and while the one for you might be under your nose, is it worth risking your employment?

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