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This Could Be The Reason Your Partner Is Asking For Space

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This could be the reason your Partner is asking for space.

If you’ve been puzzled by the question, “Why does my partner require distance when we argue?” this article may be just what you need to gain a better understanding of your mate.

Relax, it doesn’t exactly mean they want a breakup! There are some likely reasons, let’s explore!

Most couples find themselves in a recurring contentious cycle that is easy to initiate and difficult to mend at times. Whatever you’re disagreeing over, one person always seems to desire space while the other is ready to talk it out right away. This can be annoying and uncomfortable for both parties, as the development of weak insecurities and hostility might threaten the relationship’s emotional safety.

So, here are the reasons!

•Exposed to early parents’ criticism and/or rejection.

They may have received the impression that what they have to say is unimportant or insignificant. They may have received the message that they were highly problematic and hence didn’t feel good enough.

•Conflict makes them feel triggered.

This could be related to having had a lot of conflict with parents and/or siblings as a child. This could also be due to the fact that they grew up with no conflict and now feel quite threatened by it. In either case, individuals struggle to cope with their fear of confrontation and conflict. Consider your mate as a lovely clam holding a valuable pearl. When the clam is afraid, it instinctively shuts down in order to defend itself.

In order to tire enemies and safeguard their sensitive squishy insides, their shell has evolved to be hard and chilly. It feels protected while it is closed. The calm feels unsafe when it’s even half-opened. They are victims and frequently believe they are in the clutches of a giant attempting to break open their shell with a knife. Their reaction may eventually be to give up defeatedly or to hold tighter and tighter with a bite.

•They are slower processors who require more time to process their thoughts and feelings in stressful situations.

You are free to disagree. You have the ability to express whatever emotion or notion you have. That is not how they work. They’re probably intimidated by your quickness and openness to emotions.and they want to make sure they understand themselves before expressing the “wrong” thing. When pushed to communicate, they probably end up saying the “wrong” thing, thus making it harder for them to feel confident in trying to do it again. They may feel pressured by you to know how they feel, thus making it easier to compartmentalize and shut it down completely.

•They don’t understand the argument or conflict

Sometimes, it is as simple as not understanding what the argument is about or agreeing that the argument is worth “arguing” about. Their attempt to shut down is an attempt to stop the argument from escalating. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that it feels like abandonment or dismissal to you.


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