The Doctors Won’t Tell You These…Find Out 6 Habits That Endanger Your Health

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The Doctors Won’t Tell You These…Find Out 6 Habits That Endanger Your Health

In as much as we won’t want to encounter health disorders and illnesses; we most times happen to be the causes of these happenings. The body is to be maintained in a lot of ways from diets to water in-takes, environmental control, exercises; all of these are usually important in holding our health together but oftentimes they are not adhered to as it ought to, hence resulting in abnormal health conditions that could have been avoided early enough.

Habits are routines and behaviors that are repeated regularly and even occurs in our subconscious. Habits affect us generally, it is not surprising that it can affect our health too.

Some constant routines that we engage in can be really damaging to our healths; some of these habits give life-time effects and some short term effects, as subtle as they may look they do go a long way in affecting our health. Some of these bad habits and how they impair on our health;

  • Skimping on sleep; Falling short on sleep is a no-no, but what is the huge impact. Research shows that not getting enough shut-eye can affect a whole slew of things. Being sleep deprived may fuel depression. Though there are no magic numbers as to what amount of sleep a person is supposed to get however it is thoroughly encouraged to always give your body good sleep
  • Not changing your kitchen sponge regularly; This right here is shocking to find, however, you won’t hear these things regularly from your doctors. Your kitchen sponge can harbor 150 times more bacteria, mold, and yeast more than a toothbrush. Yuck! According to research from NSF International, most of the germs found could make you sick while some won’t. Regardless it is discomforting to realize the habit of having an old sponge for long time usage can be this consequential.

Choosing foods because they ‘’sound healthier’’; Pretty sure when you got into this post you ‘’ musta been’ expecting a post on healthy food that one must eat to look healthier. LoL! Not all food labels with such claims are right. Many people consume a lot of food that is labeled ‘’fat-free’’ not knowing the majority of food like that deliver more sugary content to the individual’s body. Many full-fat meals are actually healthier options

  • Not getting enough exercise; Keeping fit is hugely needed to stay healthy. While excess fat is regarded as an enemy to the body; exercising daily eradicates excess cholesterol from the body which leaves the body in a good shape. This habit can lead to accommodating an excessive fat disorder called ‘’Obesity’’.
  • Eating late at Night; Shocked about this?! Lol,’’ I don’t think so. How do you feel when you consume fatty foods and other ‘’heavy’’ foods at night? “Heavy?? Yes right. With no proper room and activities to aid digestion by making it faster, it may sometimes lead to constipation and in long-term belly fat. It’s a terrible habit that seriously impairs one’s health
  • Poor intake of water; Water is a very important component of the human body, it is hugely advised to have lots of it. A short intake of water results in huge health disorders. One of the most common is indigestion’’ —the stomach needs lots of water to create body acids that are needed for digestion. Poor intake of water also causes dehydration, skin dryness, fatigue, and headache…headaches’’?? Emphatically yes! When you have a poor water intake routine and hence dehydrated the brain tissues loses water causing your brain to shrink and pull away from the skull, this triggers the pain receptors surrounding the brain, hence, giving you a headache. Clearly seen that not all headaches are actively caused by unusual factors, rather a simple habit that we haven’t let off.  

Live healthily by changing the seemingly simple things, the simple most things in life cause the complexities. Keep refreshing another exciting post would be made again in seconds!!!

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