The Best Stage Performer In The Nigerian Music Industry 2022

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Stage Performance in Nigeria has to be the most underemphasized art in the music industry. All fans are really concerned with is the number of streams their favorite artists are racking up on streaming platforms. While this is actually very good, it doesn’t subtract that music listeners should have the best experience possible while watching their favorite singers on stage.

Stage Performance has no definite definition; but it is definitely not jumping up repeatedly on the stage and putting one’s hands in the air. That’s “energy performance”. Stage Performance has to do with the engaging dance styles and creative movements of singers and on stage.

Continue reading to discover who the best stage performer in the Nigerian music industry is.

 Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade may not be racking up the highest numbers on streaming platforms, but she is always on the road because Show organizers can’t get enough of her. So far, Yemi Alade has been the only artist that actually gives the audience a spectacular performance.

It is not only enough that her YouTube videos are creative, her vocal performances are crazy, her dance performances and choreography are always spectacular! In 2018, The Headies Award for Best performer was initiated. Yemi Alade won the first and the second one respectively.

Yemi Alade has performed in more countries than most African Female Artists have. Recently, The Royal family invited her personally to perform at the earth shot prize awards ceremony alongside Ed Sheeran. Also, at the 2022 Afro Nation festival first leg in Puerto Rico, the audience went haywire when she delivered crazy dance moves and made them sing her song lyrics energetically. Other Outstanding Performances include, AFRIMMA 2018, Global Citizen 2020. She was also featured on Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy award-winning album “Mother Nature (2021)”.

Yemi Alade may be one of the most underrated artists in her country but she’s well rated in Africa and the rest of the world.






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