The Best Love Songs Of 2022

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Some of the best Love songs of 2022

Even if you’re not so big on love, sappy and sweet songs have a way of turning your day around for better if you’re recovering from a breakup, talking to someone new or you just want to appreciate a great love song that brings the phantom feeling of being swept off your feet along  the magic of feeling smitten

From Avril Lavigne’s “Love It When You Hate Me” to by Charli XCX’s swoon-worthy “Beg for You”, this list brings you love songs are bound to give you misty eyes and  warm hearts as a single love song can have deep personal and universal meanings to a listener. Below, are some of the best love songs of 2022 so far. Enjoy!

“Love It When You Hate Me” – Avril Lavigne ft. Blackbear

“Love It When You Hate Me” is an angsty love song about a toxic relationship. It is the fourth song from her studio album “Love Sux”. She says on her Spotify: “This was the last song we wrote for the album. When we finished writing it, we sent it to Blackbear that same day for him to check out and asked if he would sing on it. Without hesitating, he sang on it the next day and the song came to life. This song is about ignoring all the warning signs and doing something knowing, full well, you shouldn’t” . The track was produced By John Feldmann, MOD SUN & Travis Barker

“Here We Go… Again” – The Weeknd ft. Tyler the Creator

“Although this love is strong to me
Some things can change, go wrong with me
We don’t know how it’s gonna be
Forever is too long to me”

On “Here We Go…Again,” Tyler, The Creator and The Weeknd pair up for the first time ever on a song, as they portray a story of caution in regards to the dark side of love and how its consuming beauty makes it impossible to avoid. The song opens with a nostalgic recollection of his accomplishments and later goes on talk about the beginning of a relationship that wasn’t meant to happen. Many fans suspect the track is based on his rumored relationship with Angelina Jolie.  The song was produced by Rex Kudo, Bruce Johnston, Brian Kennedy, Charlie Coffeen & Benny B.

“You & Me,” by Gunna and Chlöe

“You & Me,” which samples Jon B.’s iconic ’90s anthem “They Don’t Know,” puts a modern twist on an old classic with vocals from both Chlöe and Gunna.

Well, these two seem to have no problem tapping into their chemistry in the studio. A chemistry rumoured to be as a result of their real-life relationship, which is yet to be confirmed. The song is the ninth track of Gunna’s third studio album, DS4EVER. It’s the first collaboration between him and Chloe Bailey of the Chloe & Halle duo. The song was produced by Taurus, lvl35dav & Aldaz

“Beg for You,” by Charli XCX feat. Rina Sawayama

Beg for you is an infinitely swoon-worthy and addictive jam in which the singers exchange verses about missing their respective loves when they depart, reminiscing about intimate moments when they’re gone”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, XCX discussed her inspiration behind “Beg for You”. She stated that “It feels to me like one of those songs that comes on at the height of a party where you are a little bit [fucked] up, you maybe want to cry, but you also want to dance. When I was driving through L.A. listening to this beat for the first time, I felt a real sense of euphoria – but also this quite nostalgic thing. Because it’s a garage beat, it reminded me of being at home in the U.K., at a house party with my friends who I’ve known since I was 12 years old.”

“Beg for You” is a song by English singer and songwriter Charli XCX featuring Japanese singer Rina Sawayama. Is the third single from XCX’s fifth studio album, Crash (2022). The song samples Swedish singer September’s 2006 single “Cry for You”, as well as the song “Don’t Cry” by Belgian dance group Milk Inc. The song was produced by Digital Farm Animals

J Balvin & Ed Sheeran – Forever My Love


On this well crafted club-ready pop, the duo effectively delivers two sides of their artistry while feeding off each other’s energy

On 21 March 2022, through a social media post for promoting the song, Sheeran said that him and Balvin met in a gym in New York in 2021, which led to them having lunch and coffee and tea together that day, and then started chatting with each other. He was performing shows in the area for Christmas at the time and the two artists met up in a recording studio and wrote “Forever My Love” and “Sigue”. The track was produced by  Michaël Brun & Ed Sheeran



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