Tems Opens Up About Her Health Issues

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A rising global sensation, Tems recently shared with fans the reason for the cancellation of their England shows and it’s not good news. The singer shared in a statement to her fans, the Rebel Gang, on June 14 that she was diagnosed with reflux laryngitis and is currently taking some time off to see what’s left of her. voice.

Tems further mentioned that due to the issue, his doctor advised him to cancel his upcoming shows in Birmingham and London which were due to take place on June 15 and July 17 respectively.

The singer, who has been touring the UK and the US since late last year, mentioned that tickets for the show remain valid and promised to recover in better health.

Tems condition, reflux laryngitis is irritation in the back of your throat from acid or other chemicals rising from your stomach and seems to be common in singers.

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