Swizz Beatz Says He Was in the ‘Wrong Space’ After Calling Out Drake

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June 20, Swizz Beatz appeared on the Zone Radio with Busta Rhymes and spoke about Drake. He spoke about a song that Busta Rhymes and Drake worked on a long time ago. Swizz Beatz said that the record remained unreleased because Drake could not
communicate well enough with Busta Rhymes. Swizz Beatz said that at the same time he has nothing personal against Drake and if he had anything against Drake he would shoot Drake’s plane out the sky.

Busta Rhymes tried to ease the tension by saying that there was no rivalry between him and Drake. He said that Drake really wanted to work with the producer J Dilla. The song that Busta Rhymes and Drake worked together on is called
“Stay Down” and it leaked over a week ago.

The next day Swizz Beatz apologized for what he had said about Drake. He said he was drunk during the interview with Busta Rhymes and was in the “wrong space”.

Fans hope for Drake’s tour in 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard every sphere of life, every industry, and just everyone all over the world. The music industry is no exception. Many singers including Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Drake, and others, were forced to cancel their tours and shows. Drake canceled all his concerts and shows for 2020. However, the fans hope that his return to the stage in 2021 will be grand! He released his sixth studio album this year.

A new mixtape “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” has 14 songs and is a big hit in Canada and the United States. He has many new songs that the fans would love to hear in 2021. But before the big venues are open again and before the fans can fill up stadiums to see stars as Drake performs, rumor has it that he might be doing little shows for VIP audiences in Canadian casinos. Many countries entered phase one of reopening after the pandemic and venues are allowed to accommodate a certain number of people.

Reportedly, big stars like Drake will be performing on VIP shows. Canadian casinos are known for organizing concerts with celebrities and surprising their special guests with great performances. During the party, VIP guests can attend Drake’s performance and play casino games for real money.
The parties are said to be wild, fun, and extravagant. The shows have very strict dress codes, however, the themes vary from classic nights, where the guests show up in tuxedos and nightgowns, to comic book-themed nights where the VIP audiences can dress as their favorite characters.

So not only you will see an exclusive performance by Drake, but you might meet Batman, Spiderman, and other iconic characters. As if this was not enough to be content and have a great time, the organizers go as far as to offer all gambling forms.

So, while dressed up as Batman you listen to Drake perform, you can also play poker, roulette, slots, or anything that you wish.

Why Drake’s stellar debut ‘Thank Me Later’ was overshadowed by his own success
There are always people who are discontent with everyone. Drake too has followers who think that these days, he is only good for memes. They say Drake’s social and personal life often overshadows his music and work. Yet, even people who complain about him being “too active” on social media say that the fans should not forget what a great musician he once was.

He became very popular with his song “Thank Me Later” in 2010. This song showed the audience that he was capable of more than just Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Drake is one of the founding fathers of new-gen pop-rap and challenges the preconceived notions of what a rapper should be like and sing about. He
even has a song without rap ‘Find Your Love’.

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