Reminisce Features Simi On New Track, “Overdose”

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Think back enjoys some time off from profound contemplative rap (“Alaye Toh Se Gogo” and “Hustle”) to cause the Pop To ingest too much record featuring the delicate voiced Simi. The melody is created by Quebeats.

Glut subtleties the beginning phases of darlings in a relationship which is normally defaced by fixation from the two players who are profoundly enamored with one another. Think back sings according to the male viewpoint of being concerned when his calls to his new darling is missed and the amount he can’t quit thinking about her, particularly her banging body; he is so ingested too much of adoration, he as of now has the possibility of marriage as a top priority.

Simi brings her vocal pleasantness, singing to being ingested too much of only the of demonstrations of administrations delivered her by the darling, genuinely and physically. Think back and Simi bob off one another’s energy, making for an enableable 2 minutes of fun music.

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