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Paul Waiganjo Opened Up To Kambua About His Tribulations

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Popular gospel musician Paul Waiganjo opened up to Kambua about the tribulations he has been through since he was blessed with a son.

Speaking on Citizen TV‘s Rauka show on Sunday, March 1, the popular Kikuyu musician narrated to Kambua how his life has never the same for him since he got his last-born child named Ephraim.

“The child was not able to pass urine. You can imagine going to the hospital, getting a child only to realise that he cannot pass urine. The journey to being in hospitals started the first day,” he stated.

Waiganjo narrated that he and his child have been to virtually all hospitals in the city to seek help in vain.

“I used a lot of money because I used to be a businessman. For nine months, my son had undergone nine operations. When he was only three weeks, he was undergoing dialysis. When only four weeks, one of his kidneys was removed.”

He narrated that only when he sought medical treatment in India in 2019 that his health started improving.

“This is enough testimony that no matter what we go through, God still remains to be God. It is a long story and was all over social media, but God did it for me.”

He insisted that through the suffering that his son had undergone, he needed not to look too far into the Bible to understand the concepts of miracles.

“A child who at only nine months has undergone dialysis and operates on only one kidney and has been through intense suffering… when I look at my child, I have enough evidence that there is a God in heaven.

“I am not concerned with what people have to say about his disease or about my situation. God has done it for me,” he stated.

Waiganjo is popular for songs such as Wi Ngai Mahinda MotheNingwihotaNgai wa Mwanya and Ihoru Riakwa which he sang alongside musician Grace Mwai.

These tracks boast of over a million views on YouTube as a testimony of his popularity among Kikuyu gospel music audiences.

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