“Nigerians Are Wiser Now,” Peter Okoye Tweets Concerning The Forecoming Presidential Election

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Heading into the election year, Nigerians gather to think about who will take over for another four years after President Buhari.

However, the talking points so far have been the price of the APC Presidential form, which is set at 100 million naira.

The popular Nigerian singer and half of P-Square brothers, Peter Okoye came out to tell politicians that “Nigerians are wiser now.”

“To all 2023 Nigeria Presidential aspirants! Hope y’all know that Nigerians are wiser now?…. That old format won’t work again!….. I will come back to this topic again soonest! Good morning.”

He went on to describe the declaration as “beer parlor drink declaration”.

“The way dis people dey declare to run for Presidency eh!…. E don pass beer parlor drink declaration! Just saying!.”

The P-Square brothers have settled their differences and are appearing on stages together. For several years, they were at logger heads with each other as they went solo.

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