Mr Eazi Opens Up On the Progress Of Empawa Africa

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Singer and music mogul, Mr. Eazi opened up about the progress of his label services company, EmPawa Africa, while giving us an insight into the artists they are currently working with. The singer had made this known publicly via his Twitter where he posted a series of tweets dedicated to the progress of his business on June 5.

Born Tosin Ajibade, Mr. Eazi who until later in his career never imagined himself to be a musician as he always had a flair for business, had a proud dad moment when it came to EmPawa . He tweeted; “I’ve been so proud of what the incredible team and I have built at emPawaAfrica and the incredible roaster of partner artists and producers we’ve worked with.”

Mr. Eazi then rolled out a varied list of artists from around the world that they have worked with at EmPawa. These artists include Fave, Major League DJz, DJ Neptune, Minz, Olakira, a Canadian based band, Nesza, a Tanzanian singer, Nandy among others.

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