Majeeed And Joeboy Flaunt Lavish Lifestyle In “Yawa No Dey End” Music Video

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Rapidly rising singer-songwriter called Majeeed Joeboy to furnish the fan-favourite Yawa No Dey End single. A song which passes a positive message to all hardworking go-getters and hustlers to always make time to enjoy life, not just being overly immersed in rigorous work and hunting money.

The successful visual atmosphere which is led by Kemz depicts two singers and Majeeed Joeboy in a happy place to live the lavish lifestyle with dining flamboyant, beautiful women and of course their song to bless the mood as they extravagantly party on a yacht, on the rhythm of the song Majeeed “But I’m going to live life, I’ll chop life / My brother yawa no dey end yawa endless” on the chorus of the song.

Majeeed who sang a perspective of law coming to the original version of the song, Joeboy to thank for the song from the perspective of a man-made. The verse referring Joeboy to be rich enough but still hungry to want more for himself enjoying life to the fullest is one of his goals he hopes to continue long-term.

Watch the happy party music video centric Yawa No Dey End by Majeeed with Joeboy:

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