Lojay Covets Ayra Starr’s Company On NATIVE Sound System’s “Runaway

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Lojay and Ayra Starr two part harmony on NATIVE Sound System’s debut single Runaway, on which Lojay desires a more profound connection with Ayra Starr however she makes it understood, she can’t respond such fondness right now.

Runaway portrays the battle of sweethearts in a significant distance relationship, how that has negatively affected them and how one (for this situation Ayra Starr) have become numb and incompassionate for the other.

The production is conventional pop with the two artists carrying profound lyricism to match their vocal adroitness on the instrumentals. “Sweet love from Alabama / Know the distance is a little undeserved / So I’ve been sending kisses through my FaceTime / ‘Cause I’m a little lonely“, Lojay profoundly sings to his present enthusiastic weakness of requiring the actual touch and friendship of his accomplice (played by Ayra Starr) however the reaction he gets is very surprising, “I don’t know what you want from me ahh / I’ll runaway no stopping / You can’t tell me nothing bout a deeper calling” Ayra Starr spreads the word about her choice for Lojay, demanding to out of control regardless of Lojay’s power to make her see the reason why they are intended for one another.

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