Is Female Ejaculation True Or One Of Those Myths?

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Some of us have seen it happened, a number of us including you might have experienced it, that sudden gush of liquid when you were having sex, for some, it is embarrassing, for others, they just laugh. I have seen it happen and we want to answer a few questions.

What is it?

Why is it spoken like some kind of taboo?

Why do some have it and some do not?

Let’s start from the basics to answer these questions

Female ejaculation is when a woman ejaculates fluid during sex, usually from the urethra, for those wondering, the urethra is the opening to the bladder, the opening for urine.

It is common for this to happen when a woman is sexually aroused, usually during a sexual encounter. Wink.

Here is what you should know, however. Female ejaculation does in fact occur, and yes it is normal, in fact, perfectly normal.

Not everyone experiences it though.

There are two different types of female ejaculation:

The most dramatic is commonly known in some circles as squirting, this liquid comes from the urethra and is usually odourless, scientists have compared it to urine and found that chemically, there are some differences between urine and this “squirt” however small.

The second kind comes from the vagina and is typically thick and appears milky. It is usually secreted by some glands in the vagina, this particular fluid contains a certain enzyme called PSA that is present in male semen, interesting times eh?

It also contains fructose, a form of sugar.

This is secreted by the Skene’s glands, that are on the inside wall of the vagina.

So here is the gist.

The initial problem was this, scientists have always thought that women who ejaculated fluid were leaking fluid from their bladder, something called incontinence, in order to prove this, some scientists in 2014 had to run a study, they got a couple of women including those who said they experienced ejaculation and got them to empty their bladders.

They found that the fluid accumulated in the bladder during arousal and left through the urethra during ejaculation, it was the same for all the women that ejaculated.

Is Female Ejaculation Common?

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, many surveys suggest that as much as 10 to 50 per cent of women ejaculate during sex.

The second issue is that many women, do not talk about this. Some are conscious about it and some do not feel that their partners are comfortable with it.

Not all women will have the same experience when it comes to ejaculation.

Are there any health benefits to female ejaculation?

Sometimes the flow of fluid from the urethra might help to flush out any bacteria that may have found its way there during the sexual encounter, this may help prevent urinary tract infections, other than that, there is the benefit of ejaculation, it is important to know that female ejaculation is not a proof of orgasm.

During orgasm, the body releases pain-relieving hormones that can help with back and leg pain, headaches, and menstrual cramps.

Immediately after climaxing, the body releases hormones that promote restful sleep. These hormones include prolactin and oxytocin. This helps reduce stress and

Female ejaculation is perfectly normal, and research suggests that it may be common despite people rarely discussing it.

We are still trying to understand why it happens or what the function is, until then, we will keep you posted.

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