Internet Scammers Are As Guilty As The Perpetrators – Actor, Fredrick Leonard

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Fredrick Leonard, the Nigerian movie star also known as Freddie, has argued that the victims of internet fraud are just as guilty as the perpetrators of the crimes.

Freddie came to this conclusion following a conversation with a lady who had a Whatsapp conversation with the actor’s impersonator.

Someone, impersonating the actor, chatted with the supposed lady via WhatsApp.

She decided to contact the movie star through her verified Instagram page to confirm if it was the same person she was chatting with.

Freddie wondered how the impostor got her number, but she confessed to giving the scammer her phone number via Instagram.

After talking with the girl, “Film Lord” concluded that every scam victim always indulges their predators.

Sharing screenshots of Whatsapp conversations with the unidentified lady, the 46-year-old actor wrote: “I’m on vacation so I have time to witness some nonsense.

“I have always said that victims of Internet identity theft scams are as guilty as the imposters.

“She was ALMOST smart, but then chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology, not knowing I’m on my period today.

According to him:

“Everyone who got scammed gave themselves up to the impostor!

“IF YOU ARE ROUNDED UP (obviously because you let yourself go), don’t come to My Mail or Dm.

“Report to the local police/authority in your country, NOT ME. I’M NOT THE FBI. I’M A FILM MAKER.”

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