“I Used To Get Bullied In School” – Boy Spyce reveals

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Latest Mavin Records activation Boy Spyce is gradually becoming a fan’s favourite through his distinct sound and unique branding, also thanks to his first major project—”Boy Spyce” EP—which was received massively with positive reviews and streams across the Nigerian populace and on various DSP’s but he has revealed that loving him was not always the case as he had to endure some taunting amount of bullying pre his first performance.

On how he became someone everyone has grown to love, Boy Spyce recounts his experiences formative days with Motolani Alake Pulse on One on One show. Before going to tell when he realized music was his life dream, Boy Spyce said he was shy and never really sang in public, but his friends at school knew he was musically gifted and took the big step to help him overcome his shyness. “I attended a boarding school and that really shaped me because my friends pushed me to sing for the first time to a crowd. So ever since then I’ve been trying to record songs . . . just work on myself.” Boy Spyce shares with Pulse.

This would eventually become the first musical performance of Boy Spyce before an audience. On how the performance took place and how it shaped him, he said:
“It went very well because I was very very shy to sing but my friends connived and told my teacher I could sing, so my teacher just called me one morning like “Hey”, I thought I was in trouble but told me I was going to perform to the whole school, I did it and it actually helped me in school because I used to get bullied in school but after that I stopped getting bullied, seniors started loving me, my classmates, my crush started liking me too. So that’s when I knew that [this music was meant for me].”

Ever since, he would go on to work on his craft, becoming the Boy Spyce we now know of today. He released his 5-track debut EP on 15th April, 2022.

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