How TikTok Has Helped Melvitto and Wande Coal Smile To The Bank

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It clearly describes how the music scene and the ‘whistle blowing’ have changed with the world.

In ancient times, music had a long life span. One can determine whether the song is successful or not. This is not the case these days.

The most popular case is Melvitto’s raving song “Gentility” featuring singer and songwriter, Wande Coal.

Gentility” was released in 2019. Personally, I heard this was a new jam but I quickly realized that this was an old jam.

So I ask myself, why does this song not get the funding it should have.

Honestly, it is a good song at every level. The rhythm associated with Wande’s “Gentility” vocals should be a national anthem.

However, the people of their village suppressed the light of the song.


TikTok, a leading social media application during the COVID-19 disaster, has proven its worth to artists.

CKay the “Love Nwantiti” crooner, was a living witness as he benefited from several steps from the TikTok app.

TikTok is used by services to create a spreading challenge. This is how the song “Gentility” came to life.

This rise again, will surely make both projects, Wande and Melvitto, smile for the bank.

The music business today is all about the streaming. Drains equate to money and more streams, equal to money.

The fact that “Gentiliy” is getting more attention, thanks to TikTok, means the duo will be getting more time to inflate.

For those who have not heard the song, watch below.

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