Brymo Releases All-Pidgin Album Titled ‘Theta’

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Brymo Returns With A New Album Titled, Theta!.. The story of boyi!

Olawale Oloforo, better known as Brymo kept us pacing in anticipation of his new album -” Theta “. Today May 27, 2022, the singer and performer releases his tenth studio album as promised.

Brymo speaks on topics such as life, love, dreams chasing and other human behaviours and behavioural patterns on solemn production with the BPM falling under the Larghetto range (60-66 BPM) as he focused more on telling stories on each song and making sure his message is passed clearly to the listeners. The major genre is classified as Alternative but he explores other sounds such as folk music and rock (Oga).

Theta is a study of humanity’s struggles—and a view into what might have been.

Listen and Enjoy the new album below;

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