Breast Self Examination

Breast Self – Examination Made On ‘No Bra Day’: Easy Self Guide

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Two women got bad news from me in the last month.
One breast cancer & one fibroadenoma.

Now today is #nobraday
The woman with breast cancer, the lump was as big as a lemon and she didn’t know!!! Ladies learn how to do a Breast self-exam. Let me teach you…

This is best done about 3 days after your period, each month.

-Look at your breasts, nipples and armpits.

-Size, shape, color. Any changes from before?

-Look with your arms by your side, on your hips and with your hands raised up.

-Feel your breasts for lumps in a circular motion.

-Now, Pay attention to the skin over your  breasts and armpits.

Any redness? Rash? Dimples? Or to simplify, does the skin look like the image B below?

-Your nipples nko? Are they still pointing out   or are they pulled inwards???!!!

-Press your nipples and areola. Any nipple   discharge? Blood? Pus? Milk?

– Feel for lumps.

– Are the lumps soft or hard? Size? Location   of the lumps?

– Any changes to the skin over then lumps?

– Is the lump visible without even touching the breasts like in image A below?

Check very well

A-visible breast lump, B- dimpling of the skin or peau d’orange appearance.

Breast cancer that is detected early can be managed. Late presentation kills!

Guys aren’t left out. Some lumps have been detected by the partners of some women during foreplay so that’s one more reason to be encouraged to not stop.

So ladies, love your boobies and press them well.

by Dr Folashade Olugbemi-Paul

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