Before Entering Into Any Romantic Relationship, know This

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Celibacy is not your calling! Someone’s son or daughter will find you one day.
Being in love is such a beautiful thing. Although being in love can trigger a relationship, love alone does not guarantee a successful relationship.

When can a relationship be said to be successful? Defining what constitutes a successful relationship can be a bit complex. Nonetheless, I will define a successful relationship as a purpose-driven union of two people who are helpless to each other.

This very narrow definition involves the elements of a successful relationship such as trust, confidence, tolerance, purpose, and love.

Are you single with the hope of being in a relationship in the future, or are you already in a relationship?

Here are things you need to know about relationships.

Your Partner Is a Different Gender

Being conscious of this fact will enable you employ appropriate approaches in your dealings with your partner.

How do you get these facts to your knowledge?

Read recommendable texts on matters of love and gender affairs.

Texts like; Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray” will equip you with the relevant information needed to understand your opposite gender.

Relationship is Fun

Do not allow yourself to be told otherwise. It is true that there are good numbers of bad relationships out there.

Do not be carried away from the fact that the good ones are greater in number. The bad ones are always louder.

Fun is not something that comes on its own. Some positive efforts must be made. It does not necessarily need to cost many resources.

Maturity, tolerance and understanding are attributes that will go a long way at managing conflicts in a relationship.

Love on its Own Does Not Make Relationships Work

Love is not just a mere feeling. It is an action word.

In the words of Kenny Rogers, when you love someone you will do almost anything.

Sustenance of relationship is beyond love. There must be compatibility existing between the partners.

There must exist some level of maturity, trust, good behaviour, confidence, common interest, similarity of standards and level of exposure, etc.

There is no perfect partner out there

Before the question of tolerance and acceptance should ever come up, there should already exist a reasonable degree of compatibility between the partners.

While in a relationship, get ready to acquire some of your partner’s traits. But in all, there is no perfect relationship out there.

Also long as you both are willing and flexible enough to make adjustments; that alone define perfection.

No Relationship is Beyond Becoming Toxic

You Too Can Mastermind Toxicity: It is possible for a relationship to become toxic in a short or long run.

This can occur in any relationship.
The best position is not to be a victim at all.

In the words of Kenny Rogers, “As a gambler, know when to walk away and know when to run”.

Clearly, not every relationship will lead to marriage. Know when to walk away.

You and Your Partner Isn’t the Same Person

You must understand and appreciate the fact that your partner isn’t the same as you.

The knowledge and acceptance of these facts makes things easier in a relationship.

In fact, you both met each other by chance.

Your partner is an independent and autonomous individual capable of self existence without you.

Financial Independence; a Necessity

If you are not financially independent, you will most likely have a hard time in your relationship.

Financial independence is not having a lot of money; it is about having a viable means of income.

A saying goes that man is financially ready for marriage when he becomes financially capable of taking care of himself and two more persons.

On the other hand, being financially independent does not equally guarantee a smooth relationship.

Love Is Sacrifice

We’ll always assume that you love your partner because that’s what it should be. Sacrifice is an integral element of a smooth relationship.

Love is sacrifice. When you love someone, you’ll do almost anything.

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