Possible Collaboration As Travis Scott And Wizkid Linked Up In London

Wizkid and Travis Scott have left music fans everywhere ecstatic and curious as the two have been spotted in each other’s company.

Receipts from the two stars who were hanging out had surfaced on the internet via Wizkid’s Instagram page on August 7. The closed star who recently deleted most of his posts, except for two, took photos of himself, Travis Scott and Apple Music executive and record producer Larry Jackson.


Biz Wiz Instagram post:


Internet Scammers Are As Guilty As The Perpetrators – Actor, Fredrick Leonard

Fredrick Leonard, the Nigerian movie star also known as Freddie, has argued that the victims of internet fraud are just as guilty as the perpetrators of the crimes.

Freddie came to this conclusion following a conversation with a lady who had a Whatsapp conversation with the actor’s impersonator.

Someone, impersonating the actor, chatted with the supposed lady via WhatsApp.

She decided to contact the movie star through her verified Instagram page to confirm if it was the same person she was chatting with.

Freddie wondered how the impostor got her number, but she confessed to giving the scammer her phone number via Instagram.

After talking with the girl, “Film Lord” concluded that every scam victim always indulges their predators.

Sharing screenshots of Whatsapp conversations with the unidentified lady, the 46-year-old actor wrote: “I’m on vacation so I have time to witness some nonsense.

“I have always said that victims of Internet identity theft scams are as guilty as the imposters.

“She was ALMOST smart, but then chose to be evasive and wanted to play reverse psychology, not knowing I’m on my period today.

According to him:

“Everyone who got scammed gave themselves up to the impostor!

“IF YOU ARE ROUNDED UP (obviously because you let yourself go), don’t come to My Mail or Dm.

“Report to the local police/authority in your country, NOT ME. I’M NOT THE FBI. I’M A FILM MAKER.”


DJ Tunez Announces Joint EP With Wizkid

Popular disco jockey Tunez has will be releasing a new project “Cruise Control” the EP.

The exciting part is, he will be working with music superstar and demi-god, Wizkid.

After having an electrifying performance at the biggest gaming event in the world in Saudi Arabia, Tunez  followed the momentum with the announcement of his project with Big Wiz.

Tunez who has been Wizkid’s official DJ for several years, made the announcement via his Twitter page.

He also announced the release date for the project.

“Cruise Control EP with Big Wiz @wizkidayo Drops Aug 26th!!! Are you ready ???,”

DJ Tunez is responsible for songs such as; PAMI, Cool Me Down, MMM, Today. He has also produced songs for top industry names; Olamide, Wizkid, Shatta Wale and several others.

See tweet below.

Fireboy-DML-530x420-1 (1)

Fireboy DML Releases Third Album ‘Playboy’

At last, Fireboy DML has released his highly anticipated third studio album titled, Playboy with YBNL Entertainment and EMPIRE.

The 14-track project features Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Asake, Rema, Shenseea, and Euro.

Playboy” is a follow-up to his critically acclaimed album debut “Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps” and his sophomore “Apollo.”

Rema further pushed his career internationally after he featured Ed Sheeran on the remix of his single “Peru.”

Playboy” has been receiving a lot of positive reviews upon its release.

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AQ Announces Collaborative Album “Ethos” With Brymo

AQ Announces Collaborative Album “Ethos” With Brymo

The enigmatic rapper and singer is set to release a project this month.

Nigerian rapper and singer, AQ & Brymo have let it be known that they have a collaborative album which will be released later this month.

The duo, known for their very impressive solo projects produced in the past, have decided to join forces on a work that will potentially live for several decades.

Taking to his Instagram today, August 4, 2022, the rapper announced the album titled “ETHOS“, which is set to be released on Friday, August 12, 2022.

According to the rapper, the album is produced entirely by Brymo’s familiar producer, Bigfootinyourface.

AQ described the project thus:

ETHOS, my collaborative album with the enigmatic @brymolawale, is personal stories about Life, Loss and Love, I’m excited to share the album of the year with you on August 12.

The 10-track project features no guest away from the duo.


See tracklist below


“I Was Supposed To Have A Collaboration With Adekunle Gold” – BrymO

Nigerian sonic artist Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ popularly known as Brymo opened up about the planned collaboration that was underway with singer-songwriter Adekunle Gold.

The ace singer-songwriter, who is widely considered the king of alternative music, is known for going solo, after years of consistently churning out classic music projects with little to no features.

According to Brymo, Adekunle Gold approached him to collaborate, but he (Brymo) wanted to make an EP instead of a single in order to earn more money, which he says is why the collaboration didn’t happen. did not take place.

Both groups are known for their niche music and it will be interesting to see them collaborate


9 Horrible Reasons Why Watching Porn Is Harmful


Just like it took decades for science to prove that smoking cigarettes was harmful, we are learning a similar lesson with porn in our society today.

Science and research are proving that porn harms the brain, damages relationships, and is also linked to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Porn is a fantasy that is proven to make it harder for users to have real loving relationships.

28,258 people watch porn every second, 35% of all internet downloads are for porn.

There’s no denying that porn is in high demand, this means someone must supply it, and if you watch porn, you fuel the demand for it.

These 9 Horrible things happen each time you watches porn:

1) Porn is an attack on children

One of the most popular search terms on Pornhub is “teen.”

It has been in the top ten for six years.

Sure, pornhub has measures to verify creator’s IDs now.

But they employ 8 moderators.

If you watch teen porn, good chance they’re underage.

2) Children are being groomed

The Internet Watch Foundation searched 132,679 web pages in 2019.

29% of those pages contained “self-generated” pornographic content from children.

Meaning, they were groomed into making their own porn.

3) Women are being attacked

40% of porn online depicts acts of sexual violence against women.

They are being abused on camera and viewers get off to it.

Sex and pain are not supposed to mix.

But Big Porn makes sure it does, and makes sure users enjoy it.


4) Women are bought

There are women in porn who were bought for nothing more than making porn of them.

Then they are trafficked by pimps and producers and coerced into taking photos and videos.

They are nothing more than objects and sex slaves.

5) Big Porn profits off of abuse

Those photos and videos of abused and trafficked women are then bought by porn sites.

They upload them to their “free” website.

Then traffic to their sites makes them billions of dollars.

You may not buy porn. But she paid the price.

6) It’s not all… bad?

Sure, some porn is consensual.

But there’s no way to know for sure.

You may think it’s fine, but it isn’t.

They don’t ask “Did the participants consent to this content being uploaded” before posting it.

Even if they did, they can and will lie.

7) Pornstars are drugged

40% of pornstars use and abuse hard drugs.

They have to do something to cope with the pain and meet performance standards.

Feeding the demand for porn keeps them trapped in sexual abuse and drug abuse.

9) It’s destroying families

40% of people who identify as “sex addicts” lose their spouse to divorce.

56% of divorce cases involve one party having an “obsessive interest in porn.”

The average age of exposure is 12.

Porn hinders teens’ sexual development.

All of it is evil.


Wizkid’s Manager And Baby Mama Reveals She Is Expecting A Second Child

The rumor of Big Wiz’ Manager and Baby Mama, Jada Pollock been pregnant as being comfirmed has she as taken to social media to reveal that she is expecting a second child.

The expecting mother posted a picture on Twitter and Instagram earlier today showing off her baby bump as her first son Zion, kissed the bump.

Her Instagram post was captioned:

“Here’s to the very next chapter. I know it’s about to be better than anything I could have ever wished for. Two beautiful children to brighten my days. Too NEVER make me want to give up. Too make me want to go HARDER and fight harder then I need too. Love deeper than I knew I could and give me even more of a perspective and purpose, then I could have foreseen for life. Just when we thought that we was blessed with one incredible human GOD showed up again and blessed us with another. Feeling so grateful and blessed 🤌🏽✨🖤 P.S – My out of office email will commence for 48hrs once I go into labor, then I’m back!!! Lol #SuperWoman #SuperMum LOADING!!“

See Her Tweet Below:


How To Become A Music Producer

Becoming a music producer doesn’t happen overnight, but it can make for a great career if it’s your passion and you master it very well.

1. Learn an Instrument

learning an instrument will benefit your career as you’ll be able to strike inspiration when it’s hot, instrumentally be able to relate to your artists, and have a better idea of what is going on musically as a whole.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Technology

A Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is what you will be working in when recording or producing music. Some of the most popular DAWs include Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro X.
Learning the ins and outs of your preferred DAW and what each button does is only going to help you in the long run when producing

3. Train your ears

Training your ears is something that you acquire over time from listening and being fully immersed in music, it is a gradual process.

See what makes different genres unique and what qualities they possess.

Listen for unique details in songs that the normal, everyday listener may not notice in the production.

4. Create that sound

Find out what you like and don’t like about producing, along with revealing your strengths and weaknesses. Leverage the aspects you enjoy and work on the areas you currently struggle at.

Source: Whipmusicafrica