Viral Video: Zazoo Zehh By Portable Blast Inside A Church

Congregation Seen in Viral Video Singing and Dancing to Zazoo Zehh by Portable Inside Church.

A trending video has shown one moment a congregation was seen singing and dancing to Zazoo Zehh by Portable inside an unnamed church. The song could be heard in the video even as the congregation were seen singing and dancing in joy.

Zazoo Zehh by Portable is not only a popular street song, the song has also crept into the church. One church was seen in a viral Instagram video singing and dancing to the song. Although the church is still not known, some social media users are asking why the congregation chose to use the song in the church.

The congregation all dressed in white apparel responding and dancing to the song right inside the church.


See Important Things To Know About Olumo Rock

Popular Olumo rock, Abeokuta Nigeria

Olumo Rock is a mountain in south-western Nigeria. It is located in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, and was normally used as a natural fortress during inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century. Its patron spirit is venerated in the Yoruba religion as an orisha.The name olumo is the combination of two words- “olu” which means (God) and mo which means (moulded) the combination which is translated as God has ended our sufferings and trouble.

Olumo Rock is located in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State. Historically, the rock was a natural fortress for the Egbas during inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century. It provided protection to the Egba people when they needed it, and is now held in high esteem by the members of the clan.
The mountain, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, sits in the heart of Abeokuta – a name which means “Under the rock” in the Yoruba language; it has a height of 137 metres above sea level. Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egbas, who the rock provided with sanctuary and gave a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance, leading to eventual triumph in war. The town of Abeokuta eventually grew as these new settlers spread out from this location.

Abeokuta is just about an hour’s drive from the bustling metropolitan city of Lagos, providing convenient access to an array of hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos and various nightlife activities. Lagos is also home to the closest airport to Abeokuta, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at Ikeja Lagos.

New renovations completed in early 2006 upgraded the infrastructure of the site to include a new museum, restaurants, water fountain and the ancient Itoku market, where local artisans and traders enjoy haggling over prices just as much as the customers like to find a bargain. The market lies just outside the Olumo rock premises. It is the center of the indigenous Abeokuta industry of tie-and-dye, locally known as adire. Adire crafters, usually women both old and young, show off their designs in sheds alongside the roads. Behind these sheds are buildings where many of these crafters live and work and where their parents did before them. In places where the plaster has cracked off the walls, you may see traces of the mud bricks used in the original construction.

The locals are very friendly and if asked, will often give tourists and visitors informal tours of the dyeing areas. Other popular items to watch out for include local beads, bracelets, sculptures and musical instruments like the sekere and talking drum.
A trip to Olumo rock usually commences with a climb up the man-made stairs carved into the rock. The journey continues with climbs on irregularly sized rocks (or ladders which are now provided) through a narrow corridor that leads to the top of the rock. All along the way, catch sights of carvings in the rock, cowrie-studded statues and the ancient abode of the priestesses of the mountain deity who live in huts on the rock. Professional guides are available.


Facts That Will Make You Visit The 9 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

See beautiful cities in Africa that will rub shoulders with cities in the richest parts of world.

Most have developed single stories about Africa from the pictures seen on the media. Fortunately, this is not the case for many parts.

There are many cities in Africa that will destroy such single stories and rub shoulders with the most prestigious cities in the world, and here are some of them.

  1. Luanda, Angola

Luanda is the capital of Africa’s third largest oil producer and is home to the nation’s main seaport and administrative center.


Its government is investing heavily in making Luanda more aesthetically pleasing; by building large social housing high rises to replace slums, performing extensive repaving, the construction of several highways and a large new airport currently being constructed outside of town projected to open in 2019.

  1. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa. Filled with life, enthusiasm and an amazing culture, it is no wonder that it is the tourist’s paradise.

  1. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Major city for business and government, Dar Es Salaam is the largest and richest city in Tanzania.

Dar Es Salaam

4. Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi and its outskirts offer a spellbinding landscape to its visitors. Home to several business opportunities and tourism, Addis Ababa is the choicest destination for travel agents as well as tourists worldwide.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is one of the most exotic places in the world, with lots of exciting things to do and see.

Marrakech city

Its red-coloured buildings, beautiful oriental palaces and mosques, and vibrant local markets are what make Marrakech the most enchanting city in Africa, undoubtedly.

This cultural oasis nestled amidst the red sands of the desert is often called the Red City, the Pink City or the City of Roses.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the foot of Table Mountain, the picturesque view that the city offers on a clear and sunny day is hard to describe in words. It is also not far from the famous Cape of Good Hope.

cape town city
  1. Tunis, Tunisia

Home to modern office buildings in narrow streets with white washed one or two storey houses with blue windows and doors, Tunis will have you reminiscing about the islands of Greece or Andalusia in Spain.

Tunis city
  1. Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is home to neat and wide roads, well planned lay-outs, effective and cheap public transportation, beautiful and exotic private and government buildings as well as the grandest mosque in Nigeria. Aesthetically pleasant, serene and suburban nature while also offering many activities, are just some of the reasons why Abuja is on our list.

Abuja National Mosque

9. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, is characterized by frenetic energies of survival and the undying resilience of its more than nine million inhabitants.

Lagos city

A thriving seaport, vibrant culture, and a rapidly emerging tech industry contribute to its global fame. The city is the country’s manufacturing hub and a pan-African financial sector. It has booming music, fashion, and film industries with a global reach.


10 Most Visited Tourist Attractions In Africa

Africa is home to some of the world’s most beautiful places. For this reason, every year, thousands and thousands of tourists take trips to Africa to behold its beauty. You should definitely plan to visit soon if you haven’t already.

  1. Lekki Conservative Centre, Nigeria

In the heart of one of Nigeria’s most bustling cities, Lagos, away from the usual business of the city, is the Lekki Conservative. It was established in 1990 and has since attracted tourists year after year.

The Lekki Conservative Centre is home to Africa’s longest canopy walk. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 from 552 reviews on trip advisor alone.

From the canopy walk, thrill, and fun moving up and down your body, you can look down at nature. At amazing trees, the chirping of birds warming your eyes.

The people of Lagos, Nigeria, are welcoming people, and the city itself holds a rich heritage.

2. Table Mountains, South Africa

A beautiful, flat-topped mountain overlooks the South African city of Cape Town. This mountain is a prominent tourist attraction, pulling up to 4.2 million people every year. These people come to do a number of activities:

To watch the serenity.

To hike

To vibe in cars

To take rides in the beautiful cable cars. 

The table mountain of South Africa is one of the new seven wonders of nature.

It is a safe place to be and is adequately protected. For this reason, many tourists from overseas love to visit there. There are a number of suites and hotels within it. You can have a taste of South Africa’s exquisite meals and a feel of the warmth of South African people.

3. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is by far the highest mountain in Africa and one of Africa’s magnificent sights. According to the National Geographic, it is the world’s largest free mountain and stands about 5,895 meters (19,340 ft) above sea level.

It’s about 4,900 meters (16,100 ft) above its plateau base. Every year, Kilimanjaro draws thousands of tourists who come to see the talked-about Kilimanjaro.

It is a part of the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania and is often studied by geographers and scientists. Hikers will have a great time at Kilimanjaro! Many people visited East Africa, especially Tanzania because of the mountain.

4. Pyramids of Egypt
These masonry structures are said to be man’s greatest architectural accomplishments. They are the only surviving wonder of the world. The great pyramids date back to the 26th century (c.2575-c. 2465 BCE ).

They were erected on a rocky plateau on the western end of the Nile River, close to Al-jizyah(Gizah) in Northern Egypt.

According to National Geography, it estimated 2.5 million blocks of limestone, which are said to weigh 2.5 to 15 tons.

Its sides are oriented exactly to the north, east, south, and west. The pyramids of Egypt offer a fantastic sight to tourists; visiting them proves to be a life-changing experience.

5. Lake Abbe, Ethiopia/Djibouti

Lake Abbe, commonly referred to by the name Lake Abhe Bad, is an alkaline lake that lies within the Ethiopian-Djibouti border. It spans about 15km wide and is 14km long.

It is one of the six lakes connected to each other around this hot area and receives water from the Awash River.

It offers soothing scenery and is home to flamingos. These beautiful birds gather around the river, and it’s such a beauty to watch.

6. Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

Namibia is a small country in Southern Africa and is home to the Sossusvlei Dunes. In the mother tongue, Sossusvlei translates, “The gathering place for water,” but this does not mean the dunes are water. They are normal dunes. Sand.

The Sossusvlei Dunes are a landform that has developed over the span of millions of years. The view from these dunes is magnificent and beautiful, and tourists will have a lot of fun here.

7. Sahara Dunes, Morocco

Morocco offers one the safest places to view the Sahara desert. A trip to the Sahara Dunes, Morocco, should be on your list if you are seeking to visit Africa’s most beautiful tourist attraction sites.

The Sahara desert, which derives its names from the Arabic noun ṣaḥrāʾ is one of the largest deserts worldwide and is very beautiful. Camels and Nomads are not uncommon sights for visitors. The sand and dunes are aesthetic and look pretty good in pictures.

8. Lake Retba, Senegal

A beautiful and special lake sits deep within Senegal, about 30 kilometres from the capital city of Dakar. This lake is called Lake Retba and also referred to as ‘Lac Rou’ by the locals. It draws day-tripping tourists from all over the world.

An alkaline body of water, it is one of the few pink-colored lakes in the world. It gets its color from a pigment produced by the bacteria covering it.

Lake Retba is one beautify to behold when the sun casts its rays on it. You just cannot see enough of it, and you might have a hard time stopping yourself from taking pictures.

9. River Nile, Egypt

One of Africa’s most magnificent sights is the river Nile. It is one of the longest river in the world, second only to the Amazon river.

The River Nile brings in vast tourist visits every year. Tourists also use the opportunity to see the John Speke monument, the first explorer to find the source of the Nile while visiting the River Nile. Spanning across ten countries, the Nile is one of the seven wonders of Africa.
The Nile area is mentioned in a number of myths and legends. No wonder is one of the most visited places by tourists in Africa. The sun’s glare on the river surface is a calming site.

10. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In the beautiful country of Zimbabwe, deep within a rainforest, Victoria Falls sits in splendor.

In the local tongue of the people who live around it, Victoria falls translates: “Smoke that thunders.”

This seems to be a befitting name for the largest waterfall in the world. Waterfalls from the Zimbabwean Victoria Falls at about 12,800 cubic meters per second, producing the sounds of thunder.

The Victoria Falls area is also home to colorful birds. Note that you may just have to work to stop yourself from taking pictures of this beautiful place! It gets addictive, haha.


7 Key Tips To Manage Stress As A Student

Figuring out what situations might cause stress is only half the battle for college students. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to help you avoid getting stressed out, reduce how much stress you feel, and improve your ability to cope with and ultimately eliminate stress.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Getting both quality sleep and enough sleep offers a variety of health benefits, including reducing stress and improving your mood. What’s more, students who sleep well are less likely to get sick, have better memory recall, and enjoy a clearer mind.

  1. Eat Well

Make an effort to eat nutritious meals and avoid eating on the run so you can avoid indigestion. You may also look for foods that are known to combat stress and boost your mood.

  1. Exercise Regularly

In addition to keeping your body healthy, regular exercise releases endorphins and improves your overall cognitive abilities. Exercise can even help you fall asleep, thereby reducing stress. Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous — yoga, short walks, and stretching can all lead to immense mental health benefits and help relieve tension.

  1. Don’t Rely on Stimulants

Drinking coffee and energy drinks to fuel your late-night study sessions will inevitably lead to a crash later on. These stimulants boost cortisol levels in the body, increasing the physical effects of stress.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

Consistently having too much on your plate can lead to a lot of stress. Try to manage your workload by setting realistic expectations and picking a class schedule that gives you plenty of time to study and relax.

Communication with professors is key — if you’re swamped with work, you might be able to get an extension on an assignment by simply asking and explaining your situation.

  1. Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination might feel good in the moment, but it often leads to stress. By managing your time wisely, you can avoid spending all night catching up on coursework. Additionally, habitual procrastination may be a sign of ADHD or anxiety.

  1. Identify a Stress Outlet

Stress can never be completely avoided; however, finding a healthy way to reduce stress can go a long way toward keeping it from overwhelming you. Common stress outlets include exercise, spending time with friends and family, and getting massages.

You can also try relaxation techniques such as deep abdominal breathing, concentrating on a soothing word (like “peace” or “calm”), doing yoga or tai chi, and visualizing tranquil scenes.


Nafisa Abdullahi Quits Role In Hausa Movie Series, Labarina

Nofisa Abdullahi

Kannywood film star and most popular Google actress in Google in 2021, Nofisa Abdullahi will no longer be appearing in a Hausa series showing on Arewa24 ‘Labarina’. The actress announced this in a message posted on her Instagram page today.

Nafisa said she enjoyed her role in the show, but said she could not keep it up for some personal reasons. Nafisa is the main star in the popular Labarina program where she plays the role of Sumayya.

The star of Labarina has joined the ranks of Nigerian Nollywood stars like Destiny Etiko, Tonto Dikeh and Zubby Michael.

She is ranked sixth in the film star category after Destiny Etiko, Zubby Michael, Pere, Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo and Olu Jacobs.

Also, Nafisa is the only Kannywood star to make it into the top 10 in Google Search.

Although Google categorized  Nafisa on the Nollywood side instead of Kannywood.

She is followed by Rahama Sadau, Fati Washa, Maryam Yahaya and Hadiza Gabon.

The Google refferrals have been steadily rising since day one.

The site also has a group name, with a group of singers and song itself as well as games and actors and films themselves with the most frequently asked questions.

Nafisa has two million followers on Instagram and 176,600 on Twitter and another two million on Facebook.


5 Ways To Succeed On Campus; Master The Acts Of Fulfilment

To be a successful college student, you need to create good habits right from the start. Building those good habits will set the foundation for a strong and efficient work ethic. You’ll carry those habits into your career, where they’ll allow you to experience the financial success you need to repay your student loans. If there was a playbook on how to be a successful college student, this is what it would look like.  

  1. Set goals

Whether you’re an athlete, an entrepreneur, or an employee, setting goals is a powerful way to be successful. It’s no different for college students.    Setting goals before each term will help you keep your academic and financial priorities in check, especially when your schedule starts getting busy. Setting financial goals to repay your student loans will benefit you in the long run (more on this in point five). There are several ways to go about this. A great method is the S.M.A.R.T. approach. There are 5 elements to this method of goal setting.  

Be specific. Instead of just saying you want to do well in your calculus class or get into a better schedule, define exactly the outcome you want to achieve. You might want to improve by a full letter grade, or get up every weekday at 8 a.m. Be very specific.

Make it measurable. Measure your progress using key performance indicators. This is easy in school: Your grades are your yardstick. If your goal is to study a certain amount daily, track the time faithfully. Without clear measurable indicators, you won’t know how you’re doing or even when you’ve reached your goal.

Make it attainable. A smart goal should be achievable. That means finding out what resources you need to reach that goal, and using them. You should feel challenged by your goals, not defeated by them.

Make each goal relevant. Know why your goals are important to you and how they will benefit you once you achieve them. Doing this helps keep you driven to achieve them. You’ll also be more likely to continue setting goals once you’ve experienced success at achieving the original ones.

Make it timely by setting deadlines. Each goal needs to have a start and finish date. Set a date by which you believe you’ll be able to achieve your goal and stick to it as much as you can. You can break larger goals down, so each smaller step has its own deadline. That makes it easier to keep track of your progress while still keeping your eye on the prize.

  1. Organization and time management

A clutter-free space means a clutter-free mind. Being organized will minimize noise and distraction and allow you to focus on important tasks, like term papers and exams.   Successful college students are organized. Establish your own organizing method. For example, you can use folders to organize your class notes and keep them in separate files. This can be done whether you take notes by hand or on your laptop.   

Do whatever works: Color code, organize by date, or use post-it notes to keep everything neat and tidy. Then when you need to go back to information you wrote three months ago, you’ll locate it easily and won’t waste time searching. Great time management skills are closely tied to being organized.

Procrastination can be your worst enemy. It’s easy to say you’ll do something and then leave it to the last minute or just keep pushing it to another time. The key here is to be proactive and to schedule tasks ahead of time.    

Use an electronic planner or calendar to schedule your classes, seminars, and meetings for the week and month ahead. Create daily to-do lists of tasks you’ll complete before the end of the day.    

And when you’re using those to-do lists, remember to schedule time to relax. Try not to study for more than 90 minutes at a time; take a break every so often throughout your day for meals, socializing, and physical activity.  

  1. Take care of your health

College is stressful. Neglecting your mental and physical health will only make things worse. Keeping a healthy mind and body will help you through stressful times and keep you on track to achieve your goals.    

Prioritizing your sleep is one of the pillars in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid late-night, last-minute study sessions and rushing to complete assignments. If you feel sluggish halfway through your day, take a nap if possible. If you can’t, try meditating for a few minutes, which can help re-energize you.   

Skipping meals, eating fast food and frozen meals all the time is also a no-go. Try to plan your meals ahead. Eat plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Make water your default drink. Consuming caffeinated and sugar-laden energy drinks all the time can lead to health issues.   

Stay physically active. Starting your day with a run or a workout can set you on the right track to a productive day. Take breaks from studying to go for a quick walk or even do some stretching.  

  1. Make teamwork work for you

Some students feel more comfortable taking the “lone wolf” route while at college, but sharing the load can be really helpful. Successful college students tend to ask for help and offer support. Networking with friends, roommates, and classmates can make studying and working on projects much easier.    

If you have a lot of reading to do, for example, split it up. Get everyone to read a chapter, then share notes on what you read. If you’re stuck on a particular problem, brainstorm with a couple of classmates. If you lack motivation, partner up with someone in your class and study together. Alone time is great, and very much needed when studying, but don’t hesitate to reach out for help or support from your classmates and friends.  

  1. Be smart about money

Being strategic about your finances throughout your college years will make your life so much easier in the short and long term. Plan for your expected expenses and keep track of them. Your budget should include expenditures such as rent, textbooks, food, and entertainment.   

When it comes to any private student loans, be diligent in your research, and find the lowest interest rate possible. Compare fees too. Consider getting a part-time job to help pay your loan while you’re still in school.

You’ll be glad you did once you’ve graduated and are paying off your debt in earnest.   Student loans can give your credit score a significant boost. Of course, they have to be in good standing.

Since they typically have long repayment periods, showing that you’re paying your debt in a timely manner will cement your reliability and make you a good candidate for future house and car loans.  

If you’re making enough money after graduation, you can pay your student loan faster by doubling up on your payments. Increasing your monthly payments by 50 percent can make a huge difference in how fast you repay your loan. Making bi-weekly payments will help you reduce interest in the long run.


See How Akeju Reacts To The Feud Between Shatta Wale And Naija Artistes

Akeju Abass

US-Based Nigerian music executive, Akeju Abass has reacted to recent rift between Nigerian and Ghanaian stars. Shatta Wale, during a live concert in Ghana accused Nigerian artistes of not loving and supporting them. 

The rave rapper who filled Ghana’s biggest stadium at a concert recently, told his fans that he did not need any Nigerian artiste to fill stadiums in his home country.

The statement has stirred lots of controversy and reactions from Nigerians including some stars like Burna Boy, Olamide and many others. 

Akeju, who recently launched Faces of Afrobeats, a campaign to celebrate African artists urged stars from both countries to look at the positive side of building peace and a united Africa. 

“The recent rift between Ghanaian and Nigerian stars is really disappointing. Music is one of Africa’s biggest exports. We have international spotlight on us. This is time to preach peace and shouldn’t allow any form of disunity set in”, he said. 

The faces of Afrobeats campaign has featured some notable African stars like, Grammy-award winner Angélique Kidjo, Burna Boy, Davido, Shatta Wale, Flavour, Psquare, Diamond Platnumz, Wizkid, Sarkodie, R2Beez, Simi, Yemi Alade and many others. 

Akeju, while highlighting the impact of African music on global stage, added that Afrobeats has gained lots of positive reviews amongst music lovers. 

“We launched the campaign to celebrate stars from Africa. Almost everywhere around the world people play our songs

Our artists are gaining international recognition and we feel its right time to put out a campaign to celebrate them”, he said. 

The playlist for the campaign has been published on Spotify, amazon, and also featured on notable Bilboards across the world.


Twitter Meets Conditions As Nigeria Youth Awaits Presidential Approval

Twitter users may soon have access to the social media platform which has met the six conditions imposed on it by the Federal Government.

The Technical Committee raised by the government to resolve the impasse between the two parties is fine-tuning the offers by the micro blogger before making a final recommendation to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The President is also awaiting the report of the committee to lift the ban it imposed on Twitter on June 4, last year.

It was learnt that the President has agreed in principle that Twitter’s social networking operation be restored in Nigeria.

There were, however, indications yesterday that the government plans to amend the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act to include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Investigation by The Nation revealed that Twitter has complied with all the terms given by the government to restore its services.

The conditions agreed to by the firm are:

  1. Open an office in Nigeria

2. Have a country representative

3. Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)/get National Broadcasting Commission’s licence

4. Payment of fair taxes

5. Sensitive to national security and cohesion. It must not undermine the nation’s security

6. Train Nigerian IT personnel and strategic intelligence officers on how to report twitter abuse /infractions noticed by the government.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “From the records, Twitter has finally met six conditions set by the Federal Government for the lifting of the ban on its service in Nigeria as at the close of business in 2021.

“The operation of Twitter will now be fully regulated, including opening of office and deployment of a Country Representative. We can now hold an officer responsible for any infraction.

“Twitter only requested that the Federal Government should allow it to open the office in 2022 because there was no provision for it in its last year’s budget. Since we are in a new year, we are expecting that the office will take off soon.

“With payment of taxes, we are hopeful that the government will earn enhanced revenue from Twitter. This ban has helped to correct the lapses of the past. For instance, Twitter has been raking huge cash from Nigeria without legal backing and compliance with our revenue laws.

“Although it was alleged that Nigerians have lost over N6billion to the ban but the Federal Government has lost much more in revenue.

“In spite of recourse to VPN by some users in Nigeria, Twitter revenue slumped considerably because this alternative does not fetch income to it.

“Now, the era of impunity is gone. Twitter must register with CAC and operate in Nigeria as a business concern which it is in other parts of the world.”


Rita Dominic Looks Chic As She Rocks Sneakers with Adire Boubou

The Nollywood veteran and filmmaker, Rita Dominic has over the years made a name for herself as one of the most stylish celebrities in the movie industry.

The actress who is sporting dreadlocks, posed in a drawstring adire boubou gown which she paired with some white sneakers. What is even more endearing and interesting about the screen goddess is that she does not play by the rules when it comes to fashion.

A good case in point is her recent upload via her Instagram page. While boubou dresses are commonly worn with slippers or heels, Rita opted for a more fun, and comfortable option – sneakers.

The string which is pulled right in the center upwards, gave way for her flawless skin to feature in the gorgeous photos.