5 Tips To Master Your Productivity

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Time is the most essential resource in life, whether you choose to be productive or you choose not to be productive.

Time is a dominant feature that can controls your activities resulting to productivity on how you manage your time.

For that specific reason, time management help you in scheduling your day to day activities and helps you to master your Productivity.

Now let dive in to other points that will help you master your Productivity

1. Focus on systems

There is a distinction between goals and systems.

The goal is the thing we want to achieve, the systems are the process and the thing that we do to get to the goal. Instead of focusing on the goal, focus on how you’ll get there.

2. Create a daily highlight

Every day, decide on one thing you want to get done and focus on that one thing.

It can be anything from work-related tasks or personal stuff. Imagine the impact we could make in a year if every day we could focus on our priorities.

3. Consume content at 2-3x speed

Imagine being able to get through content at twice the speed. It’s absolutely life-changing.

You can sometimes find more enjoyment in content when it’s quicker, like audiobooks/ TV shows.

You consume double the amount and increase productivity.

4. Time-blocking

Block out time for a particular task/project, so when the time comes around, you end up doing it.

When you see an empty gap in the calendar, you might end up paralysed by the thought of different things you could be doing.

Define your tasks and complete them

5. Enjoy the journey

At the end of the day, enjoying the journey is the ultimate productivity hack.

When we enjoy the journey and have fun, productivity takes care of itself.

You don’t have to worry about distraction or procrastination from doing something you genuinely enjoy.

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