3 Parenting Tips To Guide Teens From Misinformation

“Misinformation” generally refers to inaccurate claims in the media that might or might not be intended to mislead the audience. The diffusion of misinformation has been exacerbated by our quick, easy, and low-cost access to online content and social media.

sistently found to persist even after the piece of information is corrected and accurate. For example, a 2020 study found that once misinformation was out on Twitter, it took seven days for the debunking tweets to match the quantity of the misinformation tweets.

Although tweens and teens are typically tech-savvy and on top of the latest media trends, they are still impressionable and susceptible to peer pressure. Research has shown that even when they suspect that the information at hand might not be accurate, they will still share it online if their friends do the same.

In fact, adolescents are more similar to young children than to adults in their susceptibility to misinformation. Tweens and teens can struggle to discern what’s fact versus what’s not, especially within highly controversial topics such as conspiracy theories, social policies, and political issues.

To deal with misinformation effectively, it’s crucial for parents to cultivate analytical thinking through straightforward and dependable tips. By using the three rules below, you and your tween or teen will start to develop strategies to discern accurate information from misinformation.

  1. The “fact-checking attempts” rule

Teach your tween or teen to independently examine whether the media content has demonstrated clear attempts at fact-checking, or at least question whether reported events have been fact-checked. This can be done through simple cross-checks of the same information across different websites or social media channels, reading up on the source’s self-claimed values and mission, and checking public reactions to these self-claims.

Fact-checking is even more pertinent to commentary-based videos on social media (such as YouTube or TikTok) that blend both facts and the online influencers’ opinions. Such content often is produced at an accelerated rate to catch viral topics and sometimes targets younger consumers, with little to zero effort put toward fact-checking.

In the event that you and your child have some time and wish to closely examine whether a particular news story has been fact-checked, use some of the online fact-checking tools here.

Through trial and error, select the tools that should work the best for you. Albeit more time-consuming, this process will help build your family’s accumulative knowledge on the various ways in which scientists and educators have fought misinformation.

  1. The “well-rounded discussions” rule

Highly susceptible to peer pressure, tweens and teens will share content that could be false but that has been shared by their friends, for fear of being ridiculed as the odd one out. Passive sharing with little thinking, instead of malicious actors, could be the bigger issue in spreading misinformation.

Talk to your child about pieces of information they have shared online that is also visible to you. Listen to their story. Then constructively and gently challenge them to be more mindful in sharing their posts online if you feel that they had not thought through the whole process.

Most importantly, explain to your child that when they are sharing something online, they have become another “source” of information (like a website or a social media channel) whose credibility is now open to other people’s judgment even without them knowing.

Educate your tween or teen that the media landscape out there is complicated, that different people can have different opinions, and that they can take in some ideas and toss others.

If they are in doubt over whether a piece of media is misinformation, encourage them to refrain from sharing.

  1. The “specific authority figures” rule

In addition to websites and social media as sources of information, references of authority are another point of contact that help tweens and teens decide whether they can trust the message.

Misinformation related to COVID-19 that circulated on Twitter has been found to include non-specific authority references such as “Taiwanese experts” or “a doctor friend.” Moreover, an individual’s attitude towards authority figures plays an important role in how people perceive and endorse misinformation. Even when information is from legitimate sources of authority, people will not be likely to comply if they have little trust in the authority.

Encourage your child to question why they find certain authority figures online to be more trustworthy than others. Show your child ways to discern more legitimate experts by focusing on the expert’s relevant and specific credentials. Combine this rule with rules #1 and #2 above if you can.

For example, the authority figure might be presented as a “Researcher” or a “Doctor,” with visuals of a lab scientist’s or a doctor’s white coat. But if their credentials for science or medical expertise are not spelled out clearly or are not related to the conversations, encourage your child to do more cross-checking before deciding whether they could be trusted.

You could recommend your child to question further, “Does this expert demonstrate clear attempts at fact-checking the reported events?” or, “Doe


See The Full List Of WAEC GCE 2022 Timetable

Are you interested in WAEC GCE timetable 2022 for first and second series?

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has officially released the timetable for the 2022 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) First Series commonly referred to as WAEC GCE.

Intending candidates for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates, 2022 – First Series are hereby informed that the registration began on Monday, December 20, 2021.

If you are looking for WAEC GCE 2022 timetable PDF download for January/February (1st series) WAEC examination then continue reading this post as we provided you WAEC GCE timetable 2022/2023.

This is to inform all candidates who registered for the first series of West African Examination Council GCE examination that WAEC GCE timetable has been released by the management of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Download WAEC-GCE-Timetable-2022 (1) below: 👇👇

WAEC GCE Timetable 2022

Thursday, 3 rd February, 2022Agricultural Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work)
Friday, 4th February, 2022Government 2 (Essay)
Government 1 (Objective)
Saturday, 5th February, 2022General Mathematics 2 (Essay


Story Of Tarkwa Beach In Lagos Always Filled With Funfairs

Tarkwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbour in Nigeria.

Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis. The beach, popular with swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts, also has a welcoming resident community.

Those who have visited the beach will tell you that Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the best places to go when you need to take a break from the everyday norm. You can simply enjoy a chill day, play around in the water, lay around in the sand and enjoy a nice time.

As mentioned earlier, Tarkwa Bay is located on an island, so it is only accessible by water. Nevertheless, there are several places in Lagos Island where you can board a ferry or high-speed boat to the bay. And some of this places include Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine ( Victoria Island).

From Marina (CMS): You can board a speedboat at N1500 per person. The ride should last for 20 minutes.

From Mekwe Jetty near Bonny Camp on Lagos Island: You can board a speedboat. The journey should take 15 minutes.

From Tarzan Marine Services beside Lagos Oriental Hotel: You can board a speedboat for the entire journey (to and fro). The cost is N2000. The ride should take 25 minutes.

The beach is remote from the everyday madness of Lagos city; thus, giving it a euphoria that makes it impossible for visitors to worry about the hustle they left behind.

Unlike most beaches in Lagos that are becoming more groovy than peaceful, Tarkwa Bay, in its elevating beauty, pride itself as a free haven that is not usually noisy or crowded; making it a unique place to have some quiet time with loved ones or a fun get-together with friends.


Ayinla’s Cultural Extravaganza Truly Represents A Legendary Story

Tunde Kelani, will commence the filming of his movie on the late maverick musician, Ayinla Omowura, tomorrow, Saturday, December 5

The movie had been in the works for over three years with the meticulous filmmaker putting finishing touches to it.

“ideation or obsession which gives birth to this story lasted more than three years and refused to die despite twists and turns including the COVID-19 pandemic. Officially filming starts tomorrow, while the crew, equipment, and cast are expected to arrive at the Abeokuta location base today,” Kelani disclosed in a short message.

He also disclosed that two related events to Omowura were held last week in Abeokuta, Ogun State where the filming is happening. They were the anniversary of Alhaja Tawakalitu Omowura, Ayinla’s favourite wife who passed on six years ago, and the 97th birthday of Alhaji Adewole Onilu-Ola, Omowura’s master drummer.

Kelani’s feature film will be another vital contribution to the body of works on the musician who remains a darling of people across the southwest.

Ayinla follows the story of Apala music maestro, Ayinla ‘Omowura’ Yusuf, popularly called Egunmogaji (Anigilaje).

Produced by Jade Osiberu, the movie is directed by movie virtuoso Tunde ‘TK’ Kelani and stars talents like Adedimeji Lateef as Ayinla, and Debo Macaroni as the murderous Bayowa.

Others include Kunle Afolayan, Omowumi Dada, Bimbo Manuel, Ade Laoye, Jumoke Odetola, Bimbo Ademoye and many others.

The Culture Newspaper


Watch Video: Tanzania’s Kili Paul Grooves to Nora Fatehi’s ‘Dance Meri Rani’, Impresses Indians

The video starts with Kili dancing enthusiastically on the song and not missing a beat. In the video, he is dressed in his traditional attire.

Tanzanian content creator Kili Paul, who became a viral sensation by lip-syncing and dancing to popular Bollywood songs, is back with another video. His latest Instagram reel is a short dance performance on Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa’s song Dance Meri Rani. The video starts with Kili dancing enthusiastically on the song and not missing a beat. In the video, he is dressed in his traditional attire.

Watch Video:

DK Balafu Narrates Tearful Rise to Stardom in New Single ‘Boda’


When perseverance met persistence, a sheer hard working hustler rose from Congo’s Uvira war zone to continuously show the universe that impossibility can as well remain to be a myth for a very long time.

Hip-hop head Iddi Asumani famously Dk Balafu had to cross borders in order to get to school in countries such as Tanzania, Burundi to take over a decade in Malawi for his high school days.

Despite the fact that he was miles away from home living in another country as a refugee he still held on to his dream of being the best rapper across the globe.

“Life in the refugee camp was difficult with different problems not limited to sickness and malnutrition but that made me more focused and goal oriented because all I wanted was to save my situation at that time, only music could help me save the situation so there was loosening the rope,” says Dk Balafu.

He continues to narrate, “On the 27th day of May, 2015 I got the chance to board a plane to Finland and I have never looked back even for a second because it is all I ever wanted, to save my situation.”

Hot on the heels of her very-well-received latest single Mambo Vipi, Finlad based rapper Dk Balafu has followed it up with another huge single — Boda — again produced by hip hop dude of the moment, M-Double. With dark edgy production from M-Double, Balafu is free to work some serious flow with his silky smooth delivery, and announces himself as a major player on Finland’s incredibly exciting emerging hip hop scene.

‘Boda’ is a bouncy hip-hop track done in Swahili giving it a Tanzanian feel as always been with all his previous tracks.


Things Your Husband Wishes You Could Do Better

We spend much of our day running at full speed. It’s not surprising, therefore, that we might roll our eyes at the idea of adding more things to our to-do list, especially if it involves trying harder to please our mate. Are they doing enough for me, you might ask? While it’s important to have your own needs met, it’s also vital to see your marriage as a partnership.

Marriage requires hard work and sacrifice. It requires teamwork and remember, there is no “I” in teamwork. It is not about you alone or your husband too. It is about both of you. Therefore, don’t wait for him to send that flower first. You don’t have to wait for your husband to start doing the right things — be the one who sparks the change! So, in that spirit, here are some things that your husband wishes you’d do more often. 

ENJOY LIFE, HAVE FUN Life can be so hectic nowadays it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. We are often juggling multiple obligations at once and, in order to keep up, we can become fixated on maintaining certain schedules and routines — but what if, once in a while, we got spontaneous and cancelled plans in order to do something outlandish or fun?
Your husband would probably love it if you just let loose and decided to go with the flow for a change.

It might be tough, at first, to buck with tradition but, ultimately, you will probably end up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pro tip: Ditch the office during lunch time and meet up with your hubby instead. You will both enjoy that extra time together in the middle of the day!

When it comes to your own appearance, do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. If that means applying makeup every morning, then so be it! We all deserve to feel good in our own skin.

That being said, why not skip the beauty regimen once in a while? Despite what the magazines try to sell us, studies are showing that men actually prefer when women wear less makeup. Who would have thought?

Pro tip: On your next date night, try a more natural look, and see if he comments on the change. As long as you feel beautiful, and you’re up to it, why not experiment a little!

Affectionate African American wife kissing her husband on the cheek

No man likes a nagging wife. Men hate it!  If you’ve had to repeat something multiple times or just happen to be having a bad day, it’s really tempting to just harp on some problem or mistake your husband has made.

You might even be venting about a friend, family member, or coworker who has upset you in some way.
It’s definitely important that you continue to communicate with your husband — and you deserve to see him as a confidante — but once you have made your point, he might appreciate if you reel it in a little.

Your blood might still be boiling but you will know when the opportunity arises, that this time, it’s best to drop it.

BE DOMINANT ONCE IN A WHILE We like to make the first move and love the control of dominating things, making choices for others especially the family, taking the initiative to make things happen but we also love a woman who takes the initiative to make the first move. We don’t have to initiate sex, jokes or conversations. We all have our preferences about whether we are the pursuer or the pursued, and really, many women seem to prefer being chased.

As long as your partner is fine with this dynamic, it’s no one’s business but your own. Deep down, though, he might really wish that — once in a while — you were the hunter. Of course, there are plenty of relationships where the wife takes on this role regularly but, if you traditionally haven’t, it could be a nice surprise.

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! The age of snap chatting and instagramming every aspect of your life should have its limits. Not everything is for social media, especially your love life and family.

Learn to micro-gatekeep the content of what you put out there. Also, it’s pretty frustrating to try to have a conversation with someone when their face is buried into the screen of their phone. We’ve all been annoyed by this, yet, we still do it to others on a regular basis.

Your husband probably wishes you’d toss that thing aside more often and focus on him, especially if you are easily upset by things you see on social media (and, therefore, need to vent), or the glare keeps him up at night!

Pro tip: First thing in the morning and right before bed, try to have a “phone-free” chat with your husband so that you begin and end each day feeling connected.

BE MORE ADVENTUROUS  Do you find it hard to step out of your comfort zone? If so, you are not alone. It’s so much easier to stick with what we know than to strike out and engage in completely new (possibly scary) experiences.

It’s very possible, therefore, that your husband would love for you to try something he loves or is interested in but you aren’t too sure about.

Pro tip: Once a week, push yourself to delve into uncharted territory, even if it’s just making an unfamiliar meal or trying looking for another way to keep the kitchen cleaner. You’ll only grow stronger from the experience! In short, let him see you challenging yourself. It will challenge him and build trust between both of you.

Portrait of a happy young couple in their kitchen at home

APPRECIATE HIS EFFORTS Too often in a relationship, we take our partner’s contributions for granted. Pay attention to the things your husband does to make you happy and let him know how much you appreciate it.

You could buy some sticky notes and randomly leave them around the house with encouraging words for your hubby. You will both probably get a boost from the positivity!

Society, especially social media and television perpetuates a lot of myths about what a good marriage should look like. 
What if your husband doesn’t bring you flowers, but always makes sure your car is gassed up, the toilet paper roll is replaced, and the air filters are changed on time? Are your unrealistic expectations about romance interfering with your ability to see the ways in which he shows you how much he loves you?

Learn to appreciate the little things. They make up the big things. Don’t live a social media life. It may be too expensive for your husband and to your marriage.

Take a moment to really think about all of the ways in which your husband makes you a priority. You might be surprised by all of his small gestures.


The Doctors Won’t Tell You These…Find Out 6 Habits That Endanger Your Health

In as much as we won’t want to encounter health disorders and illnesses; we most times happen to be the causes of these happenings. The body is to be maintained in a lot of ways from diets to water in-takes, environmental control, exercises; all of these are usually important in holding our health together but oftentimes they are not adhered to as it ought to, hence resulting in abnormal health conditions that could have been avoided early enough.

Habits are routines and behaviors that are repeated regularly and even occurs in our subconscious. Habits affect us generally, it is not surprising that it can affect our health too.

Some constant routines that we engage in can be really damaging to our healths; some of these habits give life-time effects and some short term effects, as subtle as they may look they do go a long way in affecting our health. Some of these bad habits and how they impair on our health;

  • Skimping on sleep; Falling short on sleep is a no-no, but what is the huge impact. Research shows that not getting enough shut-eye can affect a whole slew of things. Being sleep deprived may fuel depression. Though there are no magic numbers as to what amount of sleep a person is supposed to get however it is thoroughly encouraged to always give your body good sleep
  • Not changing your kitchen sponge regularly; This right here is shocking to find, however, you won’t hear these things regularly from your doctors. Your kitchen sponge can harbor 150 times more bacteria, mold, and yeast more than a toothbrush. Yuck! According to research from NSF International, most of the germs found could make you sick while some won’t. Regardless it is discomforting to realize the habit of having an old sponge for long time usage can be this consequential.

Choosing foods because they ‘’sound healthier’’; Pretty sure when you got into this post you ‘’ musta been’ expecting a post on healthy food that one must eat to look healthier. LoL! Not all food labels with such claims are right. Many people consume a lot of food that is labeled ‘’fat-free’’ not knowing the majority of food like that deliver more sugary content to the individual’s body. Many full-fat meals are actually healthier options

  • Not getting enough exercise; Keeping fit is hugely needed to stay healthy. While excess fat is regarded as an enemy to the body; exercising daily eradicates excess cholesterol from the body which leaves the body in a good shape. This habit can lead to accommodating an excessive fat disorder called ‘’Obesity’’.
  • Eating late at Night; Shocked about this?! Lol,’’ I don’t think so. How do you feel when you consume fatty foods and other ‘’heavy’’ foods at night? “Heavy?? Yes right. With no proper room and activities to aid digestion by making it faster, it may sometimes lead to constipation and in long-term belly fat. It’s a terrible habit that seriously impairs one’s health
  • Poor intake of water; Water is a very important component of the human body, it is hugely advised to have lots of it. A short intake of water results in huge health disorders. One of the most common is indigestion’’ —the stomach needs lots of water to create body acids that are needed for digestion. Poor intake of water also causes dehydration, skin dryness, fatigue, and headache…headaches’’?? Emphatically yes! When you have a poor water intake routine and hence dehydrated the brain tissues loses water causing your brain to shrink and pull away from the skull, this triggers the pain receptors surrounding the brain, hence, giving you a headache. Clearly seen that not all headaches are actively caused by unusual factors, rather a simple habit that we haven’t let off.  

Live healthily by changing the seemingly simple things, the simple most things in life cause the complexities. Keep refreshing another exciting post would be made again in seconds!!!


You Might Just Be In A Toxic Relationship, Find Out!…

You might just be in a toxic relationship, find out!…Here are detailed signs and vibes of a toxic relationship.

Ever felt the pressure of a one-sided relationship, the pain of putting in so much but getting so little. The pain of engaging in toxic relationships are usually quite depressing and tiring. In a world where so much is said about Mental healths and taking proper measures to ensure it is always in check, a toxic relationship is one to be definitely avoided and dissociated from if in any, we keenly acknowledge that there are no perfect humans hence no perfect relationships—hence constant effort is usually the distinguishing factor.

However, Identifying toxic relationships can prove difficult since people change and circumstances do also. But,’’ voila!’’ we’d be leaving no stone unturned and no truths are hidden as we discuss this; I swear on my honor LOL!. 

Toxic relationships can be in various level of relationships;

  • Romantic relationships
  • Platonic relationships
  • Family relationships

It exists in a whole lot of ways, but one definite thing is Toxic relationships are not any good

Now that properly established, it is worthy to know what exactly are the signs that point to toxicity in a relationship. There are a tonne of signs that could be very clear only if the right attention is paid to finding out. Some of the signs are;

Lack of trust; This is usually a signal to identifying a relationship that is becoming or that is already toxic. For a relationship in its early stages, this could be considered insignificant or not-so-concerning as trust is not considered to be given but earned.

However, as far as progress goes it is expected to smoothen out. Lack of trust in a relationship can cause real damages from Overthinking to Insecurities and when all of these are becoming quite dominating in a relationship—it gets pretty toxic

Hostile atmosphere; Constant anger and abusive approach are some of the clearest signs of an unhealthy and toxic relationship. It takes the relationship to a place of fear and raises doubts about physical safety in such relationships. Physical and verbal abuse creates a hostile atmosphere in a relationship which makes one unsure of the intentions of the other.

Lack of communication; As far as the signs go, this is the most easily noticed vibe of a toxic relationship. A relationship where communication is one-sided can be really problematic also a situation whereby the communication is forced. A healthy relationship is supposed to have free-flowing communication ‘’if there is no intimacy through communication there should be no intimacy at all’’.

Proper relationships have no issues expressing and communicating their feelings and desires, lack of communication is one of the earliest signs of toxicity in a relationship; usually, it sends the message of lost interest in either partner also results to over-thinking, presumptions, anxiety, doubts, fears, and worries. Also sends the relationship to a state of the afore-mentioned point; Lack of trust, coupled with insecurities as one cannot ascertain the reason for no communication.

Absence of respect; A relationship where there is an absence of mutual respect or a relationship with one-sided input of respect is an unhealthy one. It undermines and gives the feeling of un-worthiness to the party concerned. Lack or absence of basic respect is a huge sign of a toxic relationship

Unreciprocated efforts; This is the bedrock of toxic relationships toxic relationships are generally one-sided. In a relationship where one party gives all the love, care, support: without any valid reciprocation from the other is a glaring signal of toxic vibes. Toxic relationships are usually in the form of ‘’ALL TAKE, NO GIVE’’ if you find yourself in a relationship with this feature, you are most likely in a toxic relationship.

There are many more signals but these points shared to do a great job in listing the most accurate and concise signs in identifying toxic relationships.

It is worthy to note that not all toxic relationships are caused by toxic people, a couple of times it could be as a result of; Compatibility, individual differences, misplaced priorities, lack of understanding, intolerance, naivety, and no proper enlightenments and past experiences. These and more we would talk about on the next post. Keep refreshing the page, it’d be here soon!! 😀😀


A Guide to Edinburgh’s Night Life

For those in the UK who are dreaming of a nearby getaway, this article will revisit to some of edinburg’s best spots to take a city break.

Apart from gorgeous cafes, historic architecture, and boutique hotels, Edinburgh actually has a wide variety of nightlife that caters to a wide variety of preferences. During the current pandemic, many of these places might still be closed to visitors but will hopefully be up and running again soon.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of what the Edinburgh night scene has to offer, here’s a quick overview of some wonderful spots to help you plan an exciting nighttime adventure:

Grosvenor Maybury Casino

Housed in an original Art Deco building, The Maybury is located only a mile away from Edinburgh Airport. As well as traditional casino games such as American roulette, blackjack, three-card poker, the casino has a large selection of video slot machines, which Gala Spins notes have become a staple in brick-and-mortar casinos. The casino features £4,000-jackpot slot machines and hosts Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments six days a week. If you’re feeling hungry, there are also some relaxed dining options such as the Charleston Restaurant as well as the Madison Bar which is a great place to watch live sports.

Pilgrim Bar

Located in the Cowgate area, Pilgrim Bar is a vintage-inspired bar that features a totally unique interior. The highlight of the space is the bar lined with old school suitcases, along with 1930’s cinema seating along one wall and original 1950’s sinks in the women’s toilets. There are also walls lined with vintage wooden doors and reclaimed wood, alongside quirky lighting fixtures. Depending on the week, they also host quiz nights and karaoke events for those looking for additional entertainment. If you’re feeling up to it the next day, you can visit some nearby vintage shops compiled by The Green Editor, as Edinburgh is also known for its extensive secondhand scene.


As one of The Times’ ’25 Coolest Restaurants in the UK’, Checkpoint is a hybrid resto-bar and coffee shop that’s inside a beautiful church dating all the way back to 1899. If you’re a fan of minimal furniture, some of the tables are located inside a converted shipping container and illuminated by industrial lighting. The menu is inspired by dishes from around the world, as well as an interesting twist on local favourite, haggis-stuffed pork belly. Depending on your needs, it’s a versatile space for both day and night that offers seating for up to 120 people.

The Bongo Club

If you’re planning to dance the night away, The Bongo Club is a melting pot for creatives of all types. It’s been operating since 1996, under the local arts charity Out Of The Blue. Expect electric performances from live bands, notable DJs, along with the occasional films, theatre events, comedy shows, or art and music events. Prices tend to be lower throughout the week, so it’s well suited for those who are travelling on a budget. It’s decorated with stunning street art installations and graffiti, but it’s truly known for its eclectic mix of reggae, rock, hip-hop, soul, and pop music.

For those who are looking for something more low key, the Royal Observatory offers astronomy evenings for the public to gaze up at the night sky. Group sizes are limited to 10 participants or less and are available throughout the whole year.