Tacha, Mercy, Ex-housemates, Set Date For Reunion

Big Brother Naija reality show organizers have announced the return of 2019 Pepper Dem ex-housemates.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu disclosed on his Twitter page on Sunday.

Ebuka said the ex-housemates will be back on a show to run as from the first of June, 2020 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

“Who is ready for some #BBNaija #PepperDemReunion drama?

“Premiering on June 1 on African Magic Urban and Family on DStv and GOtv.”

Recall that BBNaija for the first time introduced the reunion show in 2019, which starred the See Gobe housemates.


Allah Always Has 3 Replies To Our Prayers – Naira Marley

The Marlian president and LOL crooner, Azeez Fashola who is popularly known as Naira Marley and also well known for his rudeness and indecent musical lyrics that lot of audience subjected him to be a bad inference to the society.

While others who have been following his tweets on twitter and also listens to his songs calls him a Controversial person because his tweets gives different messages compare to his songs.

In a recent tweets today in this holy month of ramadan, Naira Marley kept a lot of fans and non fans impressed and left them on a shaking ground as he schooled them about a powerful Islamic belief on 3 ways Allah (S.W) replies to individual prayers.


Allah always has 3 replies to our prayers:

  1. YES

Why You Must Pay Attention To Both Boys And Girls For Molestation Claims

Child Molestation is also known as child sexual abuse. It is a secret crime involving a range of indecent sexual activities between an adult and a child.

According to the National Violence Against Children Survey, it established that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 10 boys experience sexual violence before the age of 18 in one way or the other.

-Making a child watch pornography
-Exposing the genital to kids
-Indecent touching
-Fondling etc

Studies show that over 95% of sexually abused children are abused by persons known or close to the child or the child’s family.

They are right there in your house, co-tenants, family members, lesson teachers, neighbours. Their friends in school, hostel, classmates,class/school teachers, cousins, uncles, nephew, niece, fathers, step fathers, grand fathers, imams, choir masters, pastors, confidants, security guard, maids, family /school drivers, After school teachers , teachers, mummy’s friend, daddy’s friend, caregivers, strangers…….. the list can go on.
Please, do not ask if any of the above is possible because, there is no case of any of the above that has not happened.

Parental negligence, carelessness, non- challant attitude.
*It is as bad as *No one can be trusted*
We have a child presently carrying a baby that belongs to her father*

Absentee parents.
Parents who do not observe.
When the kids are not informed…..
What you watch with your kids.
Indecent dressing by our children.

✓On your bed
✓Right under your nose, under your roof
✓In the school environment- class,toilet etc
✓ In their room (siblings)
✓Deserted/Abandoned places
✓ When you are distracted

Perpetrators look for opportunities.
5mins is enough to cause a life long damage

a. Emotional bait
b. Gift bait
c. Financial bait
d. Familiarity & Respect bait.

  1. Child grooming
    Befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse. -Wikipedia-
    Gaining the trust of a minor with the intention of having sex relationship with them.

A. Always trying to be around your child or vice versa
B. Child feels uncomfortable when he/she sights the abuser or when the abuser is around.
C. Easily and conveniently accept to care for your child while you are away.
D. Can be hard on the child especially if the child is rejecting his moves

If any of the above is observed, please, shine your eyes. Or sometimes, your child might feel uncomfortable /rejecting to go to the person when you send him or her Or even go for holiday.

Sexual abuse happens among sibblings, set rules, separate their rooms, separate their beds. We had a case of twins having sex with each other. When they were asked, they said: we see mum and dad do same
Why should we be that careless?
Because of the carelessness of both parents,their innocent minds were polluted and their lives were destroyed.

•I will kill u
•You will die
•Your mummy will hate you
•Your mummy will beat you
•Your mummy will blame you.
•Your mummy and your daddy will die.
•He could cut the child, lick the blood and say’ this is a blood convenant between us ,the day you tell is the day you die

Teach your child The SRR

S – Shout/scream
R – Run
R – Report

✓Difficulty in walking
✓Sudden drop in academic performance
✓Poor social interaction
and so on.

✓Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Their dressing is important, dress to cover them please. Teach them privacy. They must knock and seek permission before they enter your room.
It is wrong to bath them together irrespective of sex.

children never lie about abuse If your child tells you someone is trying to mess with him or her…. Please believe the child and respond appropriately.

-The abused child could become a serial abuser
-Suicidal thoughts
-Lifelong psychological trauma
-Infected with STDs

More often than not,we pay more attention to the girls than the boys.
With my years of experience, boys are mostly victims- anal sex but because we do not pay attention.
For them, healing is a terrible process.

WATCH OVER YOUR BOYS Something might just be happening and you perceive not. Do not be a hard mum. Strike a balance between love and discipline.
Give your children Sex Education proportional to their age. A child of age 2 or even less is due for Sex Eduacation.
Tell them what nobody must do with their body.
Tell them to speak out.
In the house, everyone must respect one another’s privacy.

Child molestation is real, it is more painful if it happens under your very nose. Please bond more with our Jewels, we want to receive them back to school bigger and better than they left. Above all, pray for them always. The child molesters will not go near them but we must play our part


47 Successful Traits That Could Lead To Love; The Art Of Flirting

Two scientists claim to have found 47 traits “which turn flirting effective.”

They then classified these traits into nine factors, which people looking for love may find useful.

They also found that women tended to rate a gentle approach highly, while men found good looks more effective in getting them interested.

The recently published study is called ‘The art of flirting: What are the traits that make it effective?’.

The researchers explained: “In Study 1 we used open-ended questionnaires in a sample of 487 Greek-speaking participants, and identified 47 traits that make flirting effective.

“In Study 2, we asked 808 Greek-speaking participants to rate how effective each trait would be on them.

“Using principal components analysis, we classified these traits into nine broader factors.

“Having a good non-verbal behaviour, being intelligent and having a gentle approach, were rated as the most important factors.”

The researchers also found that the older a participant was, the more effective they found a “gentle approach” to flirting.

Being respectful, confident and charming all made the ‘successful flirting’ list and that should come as no suprise.

However, having unusual hobbies was also said to make people seem more appealing.

If you want to see all 47 traits then check out the list below.

The 47 traits said to make flirting effective

Here’s the traits the researchers labelled as successful



Good looks



Intense interest in me

Good with words



Good character



Nice smile

Way of approach


Common characteristics



Interesting personality


Common interests






Intense gaze



Comfortable with his/her spending

Nice compliments







Good dressing

Interest to learn things about me


The way he/she looks at me



Nice smell


She/he is not moving fast

Unusual hobbies


Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko Pained And Heartbroken For Losing Her Father

Popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko said she is so pained, heartbroken and devastated as she lost her father to the cruel hands of death.

She took to her Instagram on Friday to express how she felt after news broke out that her father has died.

Destiny described her father as the finest man in the Etiko family and eulogised him for supporting her career.

“Am so pained, am so broken, am devastated; it’s as if my life is shattered, The world is wicked O.

“I still can’t believe that the man who gave me life is gone. Daddy you have always loved and supported me when I told you what I wanted to take up as a carrier…You prayed for me and told me that I will always succeed and stand out in all I do …now am making you proud and all the evil ones could do is to take you from us.

“My heart is broken into pieces and I am not sure it can be mended for you left with a part of my soul daddy…..my closeness with you still making me not believe that you are gone dad OBI AGBAWA M OOOO, my headmaster, my oyibo pepper, yy intelligent man, the finest man in ETIKO’s FAMILY,” she cried.

She added: “It shall never be well with the wicked ones IJN Amen. This year just hit me like a personal virus and it’s so difficult for me to let go daddy.

“You know I love you more than any other thing in this world. I pray I get through this daddy but till then, may you keep resting in the bosom of the lord IJN Amen. you are my father now, Please always be strong for me, I love you my blood. THIS WORLD IS WICKED.”


BIG DEAL!: DJ Cuppy Has Signed A Life-Changing Contract

DJ Cuppy, daughter of billionaire business mogul, Femi Otedola has revealed that she landed the job she has always prayed.

Florence Otedola, the popular Nigerian Disc Jockey announced on her Twitter page that she inked her business deal that she described as ‘life-changing’ which fans will be very proud of when the whole details of the deal is unveiled.

According to the entertainer, she is not allowed to give details of the contract to the public now.

DJ Cuppy’s announcement comes up after followers craved to know the big news.

In her words;

“People have been asking me what this “BIG NEWS” is… WELL; I just signed a life-changing contract and landed the dream job! BUT; I’m not allowed to reveal till next week

Promise you will be so PROUD! #CuppyOnAMission.”

DJ Cuppy’s announcement comes up after followers craved to know the big news.


Study in UK: Boustany Foundation Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 202

The Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship is granted once every two years for a one year course at Cambridge University, Judge Business School. The next Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2020.

The Cambridge MBA is one of the world’s leading business programs, taught at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Scholarship recipients become members of Pembroke College, the third oldest and one of the most highly regarded colleges.

Boustany Foundation Cambridge University MBA Scholarship Eligibility.

  • Candidates must have an excellent academic background and show considerable promise.
  • Although the Scholarship can be awarded to candidates of any nation, priority will be given to candidates of Lebanese descent.
  • Candidates may apply for the Scholarship only after receiving an offer of admission from the Cambridge MBA programme.

Boustany Foundation Cambridge University MBA Scholarship Value.

The Scholarship offers the following:

  • Financial aid amounting to £23,000 towards tuition fees;
  • Successful scholars are expected to complete a two-month unpaid internship with the Foundation. Projects are varied and relate to the Foundation’s activities or those of its partners.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship are covered by the Foundation.

How to Apply for Boustany Foundation Cambridge University MBA Scholarship.

To apply, send a copy of your curriculum vitae with a photograph, GMAT scores and acceptance letter from the University to: admissions@boustany-foundation.org.

If shortlisted, you may be invited to an interview with the Foundation. One candidate will then be awarded the Scholarship.


John Dumelo’s Loving Words To Wife As They Celebrate One Year Wedding Anniversary

Ghanaian actor and politician, John Dumelo, is celebrating a year of being married to his wife and mother of his son, Gifty Mawuenya.

The duo tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony on May 11, 2019 which saw many celebrities such as Nadia Buari, Desmond Elliott, Jackie Appiah and many others attending.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the memory, Mr Dumelo told his wife:

You’ve not made me happy….you’ve made me the happiest. Happy anniversary! Many more years to come!

See Instagram post below:


Terri Talks About Wizkid, Signing To Starboy, Afroseries EP, School, Sarz And Future

In the Nigerian music industry, Terri’s case is as peculiar as he is articulate and confident. His ability to adequately express himself portrays an underlying intelligence. For a 20-year-old, he provides surprisingly concise answers to even the most difficult questions.

Speaking with him was as interesting as it was eye-opening – not for any reason other than a view into his mind and story. He is also open and introspective. For example, he says that he dislikes being ungathered and loves being composed.

With gusto, he goes, “You might go crazy, but all that craze should end in your space. The optics matter and people will say things. Sometimes, that might not mean anything because people will talk regardless, but not caring is how people get a bad reputation and gather things that will haunt them.”

He then continues with realism, “You might plan, but things dey happen wey fit make all your plans rest. But as much as you can, you have to stay in control.”

Not being carefree in life led to how Terri refused to go see some of his uncles who came to visit him in the thick of COVID-19. Terri jokes that, “Bro, I love them – they’re my family but I can’t be careless, so I refused to go see them and they understood. I have been indoors for too long (laughs).

That was the start of our conversation and it continues with a jump…

Terri joins Starboy


In February 2018, the Lagos-born and bred Edo State indigene, Akinre Terry – the first of four children – signed to the Wizkid-owned label, Starboy Music. This was after he got a message from and had a meeting with Mut4y – one-half of Legendury Beatz and Head of Music at Starboy.

Terri was discovered after he performed a cover to ‘Oshey’ by DJ Jimmy Jatt featuring Wizkid on Instagram in January 2018. He was posting those covers of songs like ‘Ponmile’ by Reminisce on his Instagram page to gather buzz for a mixtape he planned to drop.

At the time, the lean 18-year-old had just left his Marine Insurance admission at the University of Lagos after only a few weeks to pursue a career in music.

Then in March 2018, he featured on a song titled, ‘Soco’ which became one of the biggest African songs of that year. The song was recorded on one of Terri’s earliest visits to the Starboy residence.

For a teenager who grew in the Ifako-Ijaye area of Lagos, linking up with his only idol, Wizkid – with whom he was obsessed and – proved a turning point.

Terri went from starting making music purely for female attention, to paying for studio sessions with his saved-up lunch money when he started recording at 15 after people unexpectedly took his music seriously, to enjoying the attention and love music brought him, to having an ambition for a career in music at 17, to living in a home with a fitted studio at 18.

He moved out of his parent’s house and took on a risk that might or might not pay off. When asked if his decision scared him, Terry says, “I feel like everyone will always have doubts in that situation, but you have to always make decisions. I took solace in the terrible educational system in Nigeria.

“But bro, a sponsor is important for confidence. If I didn’t have a sponsor, I probably wouldn’t be doing music – I make music for my family. My three junior siblings look up to me and that alone is both pressure and inspiration. I have to protect them from the ugly parts of the world and hardship – that’s why I mask bad times with good vibes.”

Nonetheless, he had a dream – to be one of the best and biggest Nigerian Afro-pop artists. He had found a home at Starboy and a hit in ‘Soco,’ but he needed his own niche, his own fan base and his own star power.

Singles, pressure and criticism

Bia’ dropped and it was supremely praised by critics and fans alike. But in the early parts of 2019, criticism started flowing in. It didn’t help that the first quarter of that year ushered in an artist-backed new guard like Rema, Joeboy and Fireboy.

Nigerians began to pelt Wizkid with questions about Terri, the talented teenager he signed just a year earlier. The truth is, those questions were not reasonable because Terri was always recording and releasing music.

In the review for AfroSeries, Terri was on six singles and two other songs in 2019, people weren’t just paying attention. On all of the features, Terri was not just decisive, he was the star of the show.

The criticism from fans was both an exhibition of excitement for Terri’s talent and unwarranted cynicism from some who just wanted to criticize. However, other critics also failed to realize that every artist has his own journey.

Like Northboi told this writer when he visited the Pulse Nigeria building in 2019, Terri never stops recording.

Terri confirms when he says, “That’s because you never know what’s going to be a hit. You can’t wake up and say ‘I want to record a hit today,’ nah. When you want a project, you have to record a lot of songs, so you can then pick the best. Killertunes still called me last week about a song I have with him – I had forgotten it. You can never record enough.

“However, I understand the criticism because people now had other new artists to talk about besides Wiz, David and Burna but my journey is different. However, you can’t always control the narrative when you are in the public eye. I saw it as a demand for my music and it drove me to make good music. My vision is long-term.

“My talent will always be here. Fans will always have opinions as they should, but when I look at Koffee – the Jamaican singer, she’s 19 and she has a Grammy. People will compare [the new guys] but we can’t always allow that. It’s about the big picture.”

Terri would have loved to release music when people were criticizing him, but his label’s set-up felt he was not ready musically or psychologically and he was made to continue recording. He might not have liked it at the time, but in hindsight, he feels his label was right.

He says, “I’m signed to a label. As a signed artist, you can’t make decisions on when to put out music. Labels think strategically and mine had a different time-frame for me because they wanted it to drop before ‘Made In Lagos,’ so the timing had to be right. We had other issues with production and post-production, but now I’m ready.”

The decision on his psychological and musical readiness was made by Wizkid. After an incident – that Terri chooses not to make public – happened a few months ago and Wizkid saw how Terri managed it, the Starboy Honcho told his artist that, “You are ready now.”

According to Terri, life at Starboy has been amazing because it offers him a lot of opportunities. He also says, “I learn from [Wizkid] who is the biggest artist of his generation and who has been here for 10 years. He has seen everything and that helps me professionally and personally.

“I have changed a lot since I first came into the music industry. This music business is serious business – more than you realize before you get into it. You have to know what you are doing. It took a year to understand just how serious this business is. I had to find myself.

“Wizkid is the kind of boss that doesn’t impose. He gave me time to grow at my own pace, but he’s watching you at all times… Monitoring your mental space and work ethic. He understands that music is more than just talent and just talent and that your mental health is important.”

Finally, Terri gave fans a commendable 7-track EP titled, AfroSeries – his first major project and first project on Starboy. He went through the EP with no features because he was tired of proving things. Instead he says, “I wanted to make them know what I’m about.”

It’s led by the Sarz-produced madness titled, ‘Ojoro.’ When this writer told Terri that he didn’t like ‘Ojoro’ at first, Terri was shocked but understanding.

He says, “‘Ojoro’ na bop, so I get why some people might not like it at first – the beat is kind of different and it might take people some time to get to it. However, that’s a good song. Anything from Sarz is fire and you can expect fire after production. ”

Terri found the beat to ‘Ojoro’ by accident though. Sarz was in Terri’s house to work with the artist on some songs around April 2019 when he played one beat that caught Terri’s attention, but that beat had been chosen by another person. To console Terri, Sarz gave Terri the beat to ‘Ojoro’ which he reluctantly accepted but later loved.

Terri left the studio where Sarz was busy for a hotel where he recorded the song that became ‘Ojoro.’ According to Terri, Afro Series has been ready for a long time, the songs had been recorded, he just didn’t know which songs would make the cut.

Terri jokes that, “When it was finally ready, I didn’t even send it to producers who all wanted their songs to make the cut make dem nor go ask, ‘Which song bad pass my own?’ (laughs). The label picked the songs, but I had to fight for ‘My Chest’ to be on the EP.”

Separating ‘Starboy’ from the ‘Terri’

Over the past year, Terri has been trying to take the Starboy out of his name. When he first launched, most people knew him as Starboy Terri. In his words, “My management felt it was good for me to add ‘Starboy’ to my name. Ordinarily, I’ve always been Terri. They felt it would be good for buzz and I still agree with that decision.

“But now, people want to associate my brand with Starboy when we are different entities. My name is Terri, but the ‘Starboy’ part was meant to be only for my social media. But you know how it is, social media has power. The best I can do now is correct people, but you can’t always control how people behave.

“I can’t complain – it has helped me, but I’m thinking long-term. That’s why I’m trying to find the balance.”





Terri still wants to go back to school for a business-related course, “I would love to go back [to school]. I wouldn’t say I was smart in school, but I was good at learning and I have a lot of things going for me – I would survive in any school or course, no matter how hard it is. I just completed a one-year online course last month – I like learning.”

As the year progresses, Terri will like to keep recording music. The only problem Terri has now is keeping up with personal relationships.

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